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silverleaf mtbf quality control

Failure of SilverLeaf Glass Dash
Mike, I would call Silverleaf and see if there is anything you can do to help cool your unit, vacuum dust from vents, or whatever. It could even have a built-in fan?
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The results of yesterdays drive from Charleston to Savanna.  Screen Temp was at 75 degrees and the area of the dash around the bezel was at 64.9 degrees. No instability visible on the screen all day.

2008 Newell #1223 4 slide, Cat C15 with ZF 12 spd, 2004 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Duramax 6.6[Image: thumbnails.php?album=143] Toad for fishing. 
Outstanding! I will need to take some temps on mine - haven't had a problem yet on my 2009.
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Hmmm, so I have some personal experience with my 2015 Dash failure. However, my dash would drop out to WHITE. This happened upon low voltage startups, which led SilverLeaf down the path of the "Backlight Board" failing. This is a VERY small AND CHEAP component to replace...we're talking south of $50!

But then I noticed it over harsh bumps. So, both SilverLeaf and the Newell tech believed it was A LOOSE RIBBON CABLE the leads to the back of the dash!! That fix is nothing more than labor and some hot glue! So far, months and miles later, I haven't had any issues. Does the screen have a white-out every now and then upon startup? Yeah, and I hate that! But, I think the bigger issue of the loose cable fixed the primary issue.

My readouts DO have a "jitter" which SilverLeaf feels it's almost the nature of the beast; having so many components causing RFI and sending voltage spikes down the line. But, as you've mentioned, they DO admit that the Dash is not a lifetime display and will slowly wear out to the point of failure. This is a very sad state to be in for many of the folks who'd like to keep these coaches alive for more than 10 years.

So, hopefully, an elegant solution will come down the pike before too many are in desperate need of replacement.

Then again, heck...what good does that having all that information displayed do, other than make us stressed out!?! LOL
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Update on SilverLeaf glass dash repair,

For the last few weeks I have been stationary in Ft. Myers Florida, so I thought I would take advantage of the down time to deal with the Glass Dash properly.

Having talked with SilverLeaf about the failure and the effectiveness of cooling the unit it was thought that I might have some degraded soldered connections. They offered to service the unit (or at least try) and return it is short order, so I pulled the unit and off it went. 

The good news, it was back in about week and the cost for the service $70 It cost 3 times that to cover shipping and insurance back and forth but that was my issue as I wanted to have full coverage on the panel should FedEx misplace or damage it.

The report from SilverLeaf was they replaced a battery on the board, which I was unaware even existed, and also soldered up some questionable solder joints.

My compliments to SilverLeaf for the quick turn around and most excellent price on the repair. The panel lit right up and showed a stable image and seems to be working fine. I'll find out this weekend when I start traveling again. I left the cooling duct in place to keep the panel as cool as possible. I will need to modify it come the winter when the duct will be carrying hot air, but thats easy enough to do.


To all, Mike
2008 Newell #1223 4 slide, Cat C15 with ZF 12 spd, 2004 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Duramax 6.6[Image: thumbnails.php?album=143] Toad for fishing. 
That's great news, think I will send mine off then, did they give you a return reference number? or did you just return to the service dept after the phone call?
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I just referenced the person I spoke with. He was expecting it to show up and put it right into repair. A I remember I spoke with Mark.
2008 Newell #1223 4 slide, Cat C15 with ZF 12 spd, 2004 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Duramax 6.6[Image: thumbnails.php?album=143] Toad for fishing. 

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