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Marantz av receiver just died


You won't find a switch. Newell used a bank of relays to automatically switch. They are usually hidden behind one of the side panels in the upper console. They get flaky with time and can cause anything from no sound to scratchy sound to sound that only comes through at higher volumes. Since there are relays for each channel, it is possible that only one channel can be affected.

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Ditto on Richard’s comment. Mine are behind the panel on wall above driver.


Bill Johnson
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I got the panel off to access the relays you guys were talking about, took a bit to figure out which wires were which but I got everything connected.  Once I found the right front output wire I connected it to each of the leads going to the speakers to confirm all five worked as intended, having established that I connected the proper outputs to their leads and crimped them.  The amp is driving the front three speakers nicely but I'm still not getting anything from  the rears regardless of amp settings or input device.  May be time for a new amp after all.

    Bill, I appreciate the help on removing the panel although I think my coach must be a bit different.  It does have the wooden cleat you mentioned but I had to swing the bottom of the panel out then push it down to remove it.  I'm sure it was built that way because of the way the top trim piece of the slide out was let into the end of that panel.             .

I'm assuming the 4 left over speaker wires are the leads from the dash radio and the leads out to the front right  and left speakers they are intended to connect to.  I guessing the light ga. wires (brown & blue/white) are the control signal lines from the dash radio.       .  Any ideas on what the other relay is for?

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