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overweight classification

Refused entry to the Ohio Turnpike Overweight :(
We were refused entry on to the Ohio Turnpike yesterday heading westbound  near Youngstown Ohio. The toll booth operator told us that we were 27 thousand lbs, and our enclosed trailer was 11 thousand lbs, and we need to u-turn and head back to Pennsylvania. In the meantime , 80 thousand lb semis were going through with no issues. After explaining that we were not nimble enough to cross in front of five toll booth lanes of traffic and reverse course, she said that if I went on the turnpike, the State Troopers would come after us.  We sat in front of the toll booth for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually about 5 minutes. There was now a major traffic jam behind us. Finally management came to her booth, told her about rvs, and our receipt was printed and we went on our way. Today, we had the same issue. This time it was an unmanned tool booth, that instead of giving  us a receipt, flashed "OVERWEIGHT" on the payment screen. In a minute or so, I belive a human intervened from a remote location, and our receipt was printed. Monday we will be back on the road again, and we will see how our luck holds out entering the same  turnpike from Shipshewana Indiana.

Anyone else had such an issue? Could it be that the paint job on "Classic" Newells makes them difficult for toll booth operators to identify them as rvs ?
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
Total Turnpike vehicle weight limit is 90,000lbs - you’re exceeding the single axle limits. Axle limits are: 21,000 single; 24,000 tandem with less than 4’ spread (12,000/axle); 34,000 tandem with 4’ to 8’ spread (17,000/axle). Anything over those limits require a special permit. There are no separate “rules” for RVs. My guess is that supervisors either have special instructions for RVs or are deciding it’s not worth the traffic hassles to get you off the road.

BTW, Turnpike makes its own rules; they’re not bound by OHDOT weight/length/permit “guidelines” which allow 29,000 lbs single axle weights. It’s all about the money!

Westerville, OH

P.S. My single axle Wanderlodge M380 is also too heavy for the Turnpike - fortunately, I don’t need to go that way.

EDIT: IN & PA have 22,400 lbs single axle limits on their Turnpikes, so you also exceed their max axle weight.
Wow, interesting read!

So how would you even avoid those turnpikes? I used to live in NYC years ago.
1993 8v92TA #312
Can’t speak to other states, but in Ohio, east to west, I-80 to I-76 to I-71 then SW to I-70. If you want to stay further north than I-70, US 30 is a nice 4 lane, mostly controlled access route across northern Ohio, but you have to then figure out what to do in Indiana.

Just for context, OH turnpike has been annoying RVers for more than a decade - I’ve seen reports on irv2 of denied entries dating from 2009.
Ohio TP tried to Deny me a couple years ago. I adjusted tag axle to no avail. A supervisor finally gave the ok to go. We live 15 miles from Shipshewana. I would have loved to come and visit you , Guy!!!
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Dean, next time through I will give you a call in advance, I still have your phone number. Got on the turnpike yesterday with no issues. We are visiting family in Cedar Rapids Iowa.
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

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