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Issues on my last trip
I have never had any issues while traveling with the RV but this last trip I took had 3 issues all in 4000 miles we did. None of them left us stranded but I was shocked on how all 3 happened on the same trip!

The first one was after the first night, tried to start the coach, nothing, no click click, nothing. Wen on the back, check batteries perfect shape. nnn went on the back panel, hit the relays with a big screwdriver sparks all over the place! Great, replace the battery merge relay and we were on our way (not replaced perfectly but enough to get us started and once we got home I could take care of it. 

We reached our destination, Fort Sill in Oklahoma, started setting the coach up, opened the water valve, the water manifold blew up, too much pressure I guess on the water connection or the manifold was on his way out....OK....shut everything down....water, water pump, brought water on buckets to the kitchen etc.

On our way back I started to think that I was extremely tired because I could barely see the road when I look at the dashboard and I could also barely see the gauges! I thought man I better stop RIGHT now, it seems that I can't see correctly! I stopped at a Walmart  that was a mile away and then I went down I realized that all 12v lights were SUPER dimmed. Turned everything off, opened the engine bay and saw a few part of insulation that came off and fell on top of the alternator breaking the belt Sad no problem I can start the generator right? Nope, batteries were almost dead by that time, so, disconnect the tow, jump the batteries and started the generator, waited around 15 minutes and I was able to start the coach and we were on our way back, left the generator on all the time, just in case, didn't want to jump the batteries again.

Now at home, replacing the water manifold, looking for the alternator belt and finishing the merge really installation, I guess that there is a first time for everything huh? Smile 

Still amazed that with all those "troubles" we weren't stranded on the side of the road!
1988 40ft Newell Classic
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As my sister would say you "Were making memories!"
I'm glad nobody was injured and you made it home OK.
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Sheesh, thats what ya get with deferred maintenance! (Just kidding!) I am a New Yorker and we have to be sarcastic at times Wink The good thing is that you are familiar with your rig and you are mechanically inclined to do emergency side of the road repairs. Reminds me years ago my wife and I were traveling in my restored 1970 Triumph TR6. Left AZ for a rally in Niagara Falls (Canada side). Trip was perfect. On the way home, I needed fuel and could only find 85 octane in the middle of the night in some small trading post place in Oklahoma. My car was mechanically modified with a supercharger. 40 miles down the road, the engine lost #2 piston rings and began blowing oil out of every gasket. I just kept adding oil as we went. 4 hours into the trip, the engine was really clattering. The roller rockers failed. I had a spare stock set I tossed on the engine with Marie holding a flashlight at some truck stop along I-40. Got it put together and used a dollar bill to set valve clearances and called it good enough. Made it home to Chandler Arizona some 10 hours later with the engine on its last breath into the garage. I had since rebuilt the engine with custom forged pistons and later sold the car to fund our new house renovations in Mesa. The new owner still has the car and it has been trouble free for him. As mentioned above, what's a good trip without some adventures along the way?!
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Now THAT is something I will call issues on a trip! ha ha ha ha ha
1988 40ft Newell Classic
8V92 TA Mechanic
Allison 740 (4 speed)
Amazing what you can do with the proper motivation !

I have found that there are lots of options on our classic newels to work around opportunities - as long as you are creative.

I have 2 8D chassis & 2 8D house batteries - on a trip with Dad, his alternator quit & he didn't notice until his battery was too dead to be of any use. His roadside service said repairs would take 5 days to get into their schedule & get parts.

The roadside fix - we replaced his batteries with an 8D from mine & used his generator to power up a 10 amp battery charger. We were able to finish our trip and complete repairs once we returned home , 8 days later.

Love my Newell!
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Glad to hear it all came out OK and you got home safely! Generator to the rescue - been there, done that!
On our last trip we had to tie the HWH leveling 6-pack air hoses together to get the coach in Travel mode - Richard to the rescue! Love this group! Love our Newell (still)… lol
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