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lvp flooring

New Flooring for 300
Excellent job, Tony. I’m really enjoying watching your progress on your Newell since mine is so close in age. You are doing many projects that I have done or have on my to-do list!
1993 Newell (316) 45' 8V92,towing an Imperial open trailer or RnR custom built enclosed trailer. FMCA#232958 '67 Airstream Overlander 27' '67GTO,'76TransAm,'52Chevy panel, 2000 Corvette "Lingenfelter"modified, '17 Grand Cherokee.
I can have my coach to you next month. I'd like a nice medium blond wood.
1998 Coach 484
1997 Suzuki Sidekick toad. 
That is a beautiful job!
1988 40ft Newell Classic
8V92 TA Mechanic
Allison 740 (4 speed)
Very well thought out and done!!
Tony Van Helden
2003 Newell #646 2 slide
Tow 2017 Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk
Citroen Charleston  2cv
Spencer, Iowa (summers)
Mesa, Az. (winters)
Thanks again for all the nice comments. Makes it all worth while.
Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300   Wink
2007 Subaru Outback Toad
Columbia, SC
Tony, beautiful job! You're an inspiration to all of us that plan on redoing our flooring. You need to add photos to your gallery!
Jon & Chris Everton
1986 40' Dog House #86
450 hp ISM 5 spd ZF Ecomat 2
2004 Range Rover L322 Toad
Really great job on the flooring! We installed LVP in our Foretravel many moons ago and it came out nice even though I had no clue what I was doing. The detail work is what takes all the time to figure out. I am laying flooring in our home and although much easier cuts the sheer volume of the floor and amount of time on my knees makes it tedious work. You have my admiration for a job well done!
Karen & Adrian Abshire 
1998 2 slide 45' Newell towing a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and a 2006 Mercedes SLK320 for wifey. 
Prior: 1985 Foretravel ORED 35, 1988 38' Foretravel U280, 2000 Foretravel 42' U320, 1990 Bluebird Wanderlodge WB40
Adrian, My knees are just now starting to feel normal. I'm a huge fan of quality knee pads, but even with the best I could buy, my knees were pretty sore and tender. Also, and this has never happened to me before, I got a cramp ( Charlie horse thing) in my inner thigh muscle. I think it was from the continuous kneeling and standing and kneeling, etc., etc. It was to worst cramp ever. Way worse than the typical calf cramp. It had me bent over at the waist for 15 minutes. Every time I tried to up straighten up, my inner thigh muscle would spasm and send me right back down. Never ever want that to happen again. Take your time and be careful. I bet it is going to look great.
Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300   Wink
2007 Subaru Outback Toad
Columbia, SC
Awesome install!! Makes me want to replace my 42 year old carpet… but I really like the carpet feel on my feet. I’m thinking about a heated floor and LVP combination. Any thoughts? Anyway thanks for the encouragement to consider the floor replacement for all us diy owners. Again awesome job!!
Mike and Beth Magee 
80 Newell Classic 37’ Cat 3208T
05 Ascender 4x4 toad
(Lol no pun intended)
Hi Mike,
thanks for the feedback. Really never considered a heated floor. Way above my paygrade, on so many levels.
Besides, we live in SC with pretty mild temps. Also not sure how the LVP would work with heated floors.
Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300   Wink
2007 Subaru Outback Toad
Columbia, SC

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