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4K Reversible Projection System
First post and looking... 

When did the 4k projection system start with the outdoor viewing start? I am starting the search for a coach now, and would like to know when the projection system start that is viewable from the interior and the exterior of the coach? Also if anyone knows of any for sale that have this option or have been converted I am interested.
That is a new addition. I am not aware of that option being offered prior to the 2022 models starting with coach #1715. I would think that as long as the coach had a large enough window, that it could be added to an older coach although having a ceiling mounted cabinet across from the window would be required unless you wanted to be able to see the projector all the time. Some, such as 1715 were in the bedroom where there is more typically an overhead cabinet over the bed. I believe 1716 was the first with the dual view projection TV in the Salon.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Ok.... Yeah, I am out on that late of a model LOL...

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