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Dump Sensor status
I’m told by Newell that when multiple Spyder Light panels don’t light up for Dump “Open” and “Closed,” the problem is the sensor has come loose. Does anyone know where and how to check and fix this?

Fred & Drinda Robertson
2010 Newell #1401 
2017 Jeep Rubicon 
Austin, TX

If you're referring to the combined grey/black water tank sensor as the "dump" sensor it was located in the driver's side bay that contains the water pump at the forward bottom corner of the grey/black water tank on the 2007 we had.  It may be in a similar location on your 2010.  There is a wiring harness that has a couple of connections too.  One at the sensor and another just proximal about a foot away.

It's possible that corrosion may play a part in the problem.  There is a product called Deoxit, that I found out about thanks to Encanto Tom, available on amazon here:  Deoxit at Amazon which will clean the temminals well.  It's handy to keep some on board.  I had to replace the sensor itself to restore tank level readings.  The sensors are available from parts at Newell.  PS  Probably needless to say but be sure the tank is empty before you remove the sensor or you'll get a stinking voluminous wet surprise.

Happy New Year,

Sandy and Bob McBratney
Previous owners of 2007 Newell #1202  "Boomer" 
Thanks for the info, Bob. But I'm referring to the sensor that senses whether the Dump Valve is opened or closed. Newell says most likely the sensor had come loose. I just don't know where to check for a loose sensor.
Fred & Drinda Robertson
2010 Newell #1401 
2017 Jeep Rubicon 
Austin, TX
Hello Fred, I have been replacing the dump valves recently on my 2007 coach. The sensor is glued to the valves. You can find them on the passenger side bay. They are the black valves in the dump pipes. The sensor is glued on the side of these valves. Check on the 2 wires if they are still connected and if the sensor ( reed contact ) is still glued on. If You want to check the sensor, measure the resistance when the valve is open. Should be almost zero ohm. If You want to check the led light, just bridge the two wires coming from the sensor and led should come on. The valves in my coach are located in the bay where the Aquahot is installed.
I have pictures, but don't know how to add.
Peter and Karolien van Dijk
Newell # 1213 4 slides 2007
Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 2015

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