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Newell/Prevost vs Production Coaches
My wife and I are approaching retirement (really me, as she already is retired) and are very interested in buying a motor home to cruise the country part-time. We presently own a 51-ft pilothouse yacht, for which many of the systems are similar to a motor home, so we feel the transition will be easier in that regard.

I’ve been reading Facebook sites and other blogs learning about the overall industry. This research has led me to the conclusion that “production” motor homes (e.g. Newmar, Entegra, Tiffin, Forest River) are fundamentally flawed in their basic design methods, which is further magnified by their poor quality of workmanship. This has in turn led me to the conclusion that the only feasible solution is to buy either a Newell or Prevost coach due to their apparent significant build quality and workmanship advantage.

The ownership of a boat has certainly grounded me in the complexities of these vessels, for which a motor home is quite similar, and I have no illusions that things won’t break and the constant need for maintenance, but as cited above I believe the production motorhomes are fundamentally flawed in their initial design and further impacted by their poor quality or workmanship. I’ve actually been surprised by how well my boat is built (knock on wood), not that it doesn’t take an enormous amount of work to keep it running, but it’s been way more reliable than I ever expected. I generally “fix” it on my terms.

So my basic question is are Newell/Prevost coaches fundamentally better design and built than production motorhomes? If so, my thoughts are to buy an ~15-year old Newell/Prevost over a 2-3 year old production motorhome. I don’t mind working on/paying to maintain (and improve) my motorhome, but I don’t want something that is inoperable more than it’s operable.

Would really appreciate your insights.

Much of your question has been covered a number of times in this section of the forum.

As far as you operable vs inoperable perspective, a lot will depend on how well the coach was maintained. As you know from owning a high end watercraft, the high end stuff has lots of bells and whistles that require attention to keep them functioning. The thing that makes a Newell/Prevost fundamentally better than say a brand new high end coach is the semi monocoque construction which is tremendously more rigid than a house bolted on top of a truck frame.

If you are talking about a 20 year old motorhome, it will require attention. You would not expect to live in a house for 20 years and not work on it.

IF your idea is to buy an older Newell Prevost and make maintaining/restoring it a hobby, then you would be happy.

IF your idea is buying an older, but highest end
motorhome is the key to less problems, you will be very unhappy.

Just my .02
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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Thanks for the insight!
May I suggest this video that Andrew and I did…kind of along this topic.

It’s actually an interview of me, as I walk through my 2015 coach, pointing out dozens of things that set Newell above a production coach; in my case, it came from a ‘19 Newmar.

I’ve actually been pushed into creating my own channel in order to share so many of the wonderful aspects that I continue to find and learn about!

I’m sure you’ll find all you need here to make a decision; or just listen to me and buy a new Newell and save yourself a ton of research! LOL
Steve & Janice Vance
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Well Rick, let me get you down to the very basics which will limit you choice to Newell/Prevost fast.

Due to lack of robust structure, the production coaches will split apart when involved in an accident with YOU in them.

Tiffin Allegro Bus blows a driver steer tire, goes into grassey median on its driver's side. Roof, rear cap, front cap and passenger wall come off. Dog to rainbow bridge and couple to ICU. Another one that was posted on the Prevost forum I read glanced off of a tree. First responders dug man from wreckage and took him to ICU. Dug his wife out and took her to morgue.

The lack of a 24 vdc combined with 12 vdc system in the Newell tilt me toward the Newell. Both choices are way better than production coaches by far.
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