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Brustor Awning past the stop
I extended my passenger side salon window awning too far this morning and it will now only retract about 6 inches and then it stops.  Anyone else ever do something this foolish and figure out how to get it to retract?  My drivers side hits a stop and does not extend this far, but he passenger side did not.

Edit: I heard a phrase once from an MLB player that went something like "if you aren't humble when you enter the league prepare to be humbled". Not sure if I'm even in humble mode, but maybe boy do I feel stupid mode.

So here is the deal as I now understand it and hopefully this will give everyone a chuckle and maybe save someone else the panic I was in. This fool extended his window awning on the passenger side curb while the night shades were down because the shade was down at the time and because on the other awnings they just went out until they hit the stop. Never seemed to stop to so go open up the door and look out the awning is all the way down. I raise my shade so I can now see what I'm doing and attempt to retract and it comes up 6 inches and stops. I'm looking around and also notice the fabric is now wrapping around the top of the roll vs. the bottom like the other three. A couple of phone calls later I figure out that the reason it's only coming up 6 inches is that I need to adjust the stop on the retract to at least be able to get it back in to come home. This was partially true, but I made the adjustment rolled it up and then needed a couple of zip ties as it does not pull back in entirely snug because it's wrapping around the top of the roll vs. bottom, but I got home.

So I get home, cut off my ties and fully extend only to feel just absolutely stupid as once you go past fully extended it just starts rolling up on the other side like it was supposed to be and not extend turns into retract on the underneath side of the roll. Was a laugh out loud moment as I realized what I'd done. Just wasn't thinking through that there was only one way that was going to go from rolling on the top vs. bottom and vice versa. Not my finest moment of analysis, but hopefully I've at least provided a little entertainment.
Brad Aden
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
St. Louis, MO

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