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Yellowstone National Park Closed 6/13/22

"Braeden Roesler is with Deb Roesler at Yellowstone National Park.

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(This post replaces my earlier one from this morning, which wasn't shareable).
Currently we're in Yellowstone Park this week. The past two days, it has been raining constantly. With river/water levels already high due to the June snow run-off, the rain water absolutely has added to the runoff and has absolutely demolished everything within reach of a river or creek. Last night, we saw rivers raging, picnic areas in the park completely flooded out with water going over boardwalks and through picnic tables. Areas the river is near the roadway, the water was mere inches or feet from going over the roadway. At the "Confluence" (where a creek and river meet in Lamar Valley) it was a big lake because the water was so high. We knew it was going to be bad, but not as bad as it seems to have been, but safely made it to our campground which was south of Mammoth.
This morning, we woke up to a nearly flooded creek next to our campground, then quickly were bombarded with text-alerts for road closures and other alerts due to the weather and flooding.
Almost the entire northern half of the park is currently closed. Basically everything north of Canyon and Norris junctions. All northern entrances to the park are closed or may be closing soon. The northern area of the park is being evacuated. Roosevelt Cabins were evacuated at 2:30am last night. Road sections are washed out in several areas between Gardiner and Cooke City.
Even outside of the park, there have been major flooding issues in Silver Gate/Cooke City, with power out and bridges and road sections completely wiped out. Road sections north of Gardiner, such as near Yankee Jim Canyon are wiped out or flooded over. Huge metal truss bridges, like the one here in the video, have been wiped out and washed away. In Red Lodge, major flooding has occurred in town and along most of Rock Creek. Major road sections have been carved away or flooded over and bridges in and around town have been wiped out completely. The town's entire water system is shut down and the city has no current alternative water source. Mammoth, Gardiner, Cooke City, Silver-Gate, and other towns or areas also have power and/or water outages due to compromised water lines or downed power lines.
And that's just the beginning of it. It is crazy and appalling seeing all of the posts, pictures, alerts, and the damage this flooding has caused in person. This is going to be a huge recovery effort for all parties involved and is going to take a long, long time to clean up and fix, with entire road sections, and even towns, affected by this. Thankfully I haven't heard of any  injuries, yet, and hope that continues going forward. Please, keep everyone in the affected areas, residents, workers, tourists and visitors, and emergency personnel, in your thoughts, and keep an eye out for ways to help such as fundraisers.
We will have limited cell coverage our remaining 2 nights down here in Yellowstone, assuming we aren't completely evacuated, but I will try to post updates over the next week as we see or hear more.
The park, Beartooths, Red Lodge, etc are my backyard and happy place, and it saddens me to see so much destruction, but know our wonderful communities and states will all come together to overcome this.
Feel free to add other photos/videos in the comments of this post if you have any.
Update: all entrances to Yellowstone are now completely closed to inbound traffic and visitors due to conditions."

Pictures on Newell Coach Owners Group on Facebook.

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Flood in Yellowstone, but draught at my place.

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