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air suspension issues
Earlier you had mentioned that you "hit" the travel button after you start the coach. On ours, when I start the coach I go into travel mode automatically without having to select travel mode. Have you checked the connector on the back of the HWH control panel? May want to try disconnecting and reconnecting that plug, if you haven't already, just for grins.
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HWH Manual may help, attached

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.pdf   HWH Ride Height Manual-We have Valid.pdf (Size: 334.86 KB / Downloads: 2)
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OK, let’s go back to square one. Sometimes it is hard to convey every thing you have discovered into a forum post. If you will allow me to methodically proceed against a checklist in order to help you.

When you put the coach into travel mode:
Do you get a green light on the HWH panel?
Are the travel solenoids energized? Check with steel washer for magnetism or unplug and check for voltage.
Have you checked the previously replaced fuse on the travel circuit?
In travel mode, are any of the other raise or lower solenoids energized?
When you say you hear the valves cycling, are you talking about the height control valve, the 6 pack solenoid valve, or the air dryer purge valve?

Unplug the raise and lower solenoids (marking them of course for reinstallation). Does the behavior of the travel mode change?

If you will answer these questions, we can move to the next step in the diagnosis.

Call me if you like 817 223 2056. We are not hiking today, and any activity I can do sitting down is welcome ?

A couple of more things that may help you.

I urge you to look through this handbook.

It shows you how the ride height valves are plumbed relative to the six pack. I make this point because you have stated that you are well familiar with air bag suspension systems, but there is one point that has really fouled up many mechanics on this system because it is different from what they know. The six pack is BETWEEN the HCV and the air bags. The HCV has it’s own air supply, and ONLY when the travel solenoids on the six pack are open does the air from the HCV reach the air bags.
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Richard sorry just getting back to you. You can call me at 817-297-3639 . THANK YOU.. This thing is wearing me out.

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