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Valid Slide Motor - Fuse Blown

I posted the following in another thread but was not able to upload pictures. 

2005 #744 Three Valid Slides, Mid Entry 

I experienced a slide malfunction today. We had already parked, extended the slides, leveled the coach, and I failed to remove the waste tube from the bay under the left bedroom slide… time to retract the slide and undo everything I just did. Sorry happy campers, the big Cat 13 is firing back up. 

The Driver’s Side Rear Slide was being retracted by my wife while I was standing by outside to open the bay door when it stopped half way. The seals were deflated and vacuumed, it wouldn’t budge. There was no unusual sound, everything thing appeared normal. 

We had never experienced this before and started verifying the usual items, suspension in Travel Mode, ample air pressure, electrical power, and of course the engine was running. I flipped the slide switch in the cockpit (no for this issue)… Inspected the exterior of slide and of course the interior. Measured the front of the slide to the body and the aft side. They were within 1/8” of each other, 14” out. We tried to extend it without success. I pushed and pulled and jiggle the beast… everything was solid and not moving. 

Time to call the factory. It was a Wednesday afternoon, the team was still at work. Thank you Mark, you saved the day and quite possibly the trip. 105° out with a 1/2” gap all around the sliding hole in the coach. 

The issue is a blown fuse for the slide motor. The interior slide control screen did not indicate an error. 

In this coach, the Valid Slide electrical panel is located in the left basement bay opposite the entry door with the Spyder Wire electrical panels, window shades controls, and 120VAC electrical panel for select items. There is a fabric panel covering the fuse blocks. The panel is covered in the same material used in the bay sidewalls, ceiling, and floor. The cover is held to the aft side panel with Velcro. 
Once the cover is removed the fuse blocks can be identified. The pictures I’m posting should help understanding how the fuses are placed in the block. Gentle pull on the black tab releasing the fuse holder. Each fuse holder has two fuses, one in use and a spare. In this coach the driver’s forward slide is #1. Driver’s aft slide is #2. Aft curb is #3. If the slide has a raisable floor, there will be a fuse for it also. 

The blown fuse is a 4 amp Bussmann Series Fuse. The size is listed as 1 1/4”x1/4”.  I’ve ordered extra to add to my compliment a spare coach supplies. 






I hope you don’t find yourself in this position when the kids are in a hurry to hit the amusement park but if you do, it’s a quick fix to get back to normal ops! 

Take care!
Kristi & Jeff 
2005 45’ Newell   #744

Kristi & Jeff King
Bentonville, AR. 72712
2005 45’ Newell Coach #744 
ZF Suspension/Active Steering Tag Axle
CAT-13 ACERT 525HP Allison 4000 Trans.


Thank you for posting this critical info. The forum really needs members who own more late model coaches to post information like this. It will pay dividends for others in the future.

Thank you for an excellent and searchable post.

Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

Thanks for the info, mine may be the same so I'll copy it.

I need to find the air connection for the drivers side rear slide, any ideas about that?

2014 Newell Coach 1482 Mid Entry 45'8" Valid Slides and Valid Levelling

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the 2014 model of Newell. I’ll take a closer look at mine in the event it has similarities.

Kristi & Jeff King
Bentonville, AR. 72712
2005 45’ Newell Coach #744 
ZF Suspension/Active Steering Tag Axle
CAT-13 ACERT 525HP Allison 4000 Trans.

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