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Cosmos Ray Gun

I bought this on ebay for $55 and its as old as I am but after cleaning up the potentiometer  and the battery connection it works fantastic, its found more leaks  than I ever could with bubbles. Found a leak in the bottom on my drivers side tag axle air bag and many more!
It looks like a Ray Gun from my cartoons days.

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1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"

That is freaking cool!

1993 8v92TA #312

Do you have to have a permit to carry that?

2014 Newell Coach 1482 Mid Entry 45'8" Valid Slides and Valid Levelling

Can you image pulling that thing out and pointing it at a stranger and watch their eyes, then tell them its a Geiger Mueller tube and your checking for contamination. Ha!

1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"

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