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valid slide

i have a 2004 Newell Coach 450 if anyone can help i have valid electric slides, drivers side rear/bedroom now wont move i can hear the motor turning but no
action can anyone tell me how to get access to the motors?

They take a lot of juice to move- how’s your batteries?

Ernie Ekberg
Prevost Liberty-sold
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batteries are fine something is defiantly broken it was on hire and they crushed a bag while pulling it in.

Does that slide have a movable floor? (Most did not).

It is not clear what you mean by “crushed a bag”. Can you explain? The air seal (bladder) has to be fully deflated before the slide will move. If there is a problem with the seal, the slide will not move. Maybe you are hearing something besides the motor?

If I remember correctly the motor is accessed from under the wheel well. (Under the foam). At least it was that way on a 2003.

I would make a call to Newell and get them to help troubleshoot.

Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama

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