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Rust in engine

While having some preventative maintenance on our 8V92TA, this rust was discovered in the engine , passenger side. This is the first time the valve cover has been removed in the past 7 years and 38 thousand miles. WE have had several oil analysis done during this time, with zero water or coolant found in the oil. Would a Detroit Diesel repair shop have left this rust , and not removed it during the rebuild process? Am I not bringing the engine up to full operating temperature often enough (every 30 days ) during extended storage? Any thoughts?

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Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

My guess would be leaking head or head gasket

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Make sure your crankcase vent is not obstructed, I can't see from the picture very well the extent of it. You can route the crankcase vent into the intake of the turbo which will remove all blow by and condensation. I wouldn't be surprised that this is normal.

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Having a major service now. That is how the rust was discovered . Vent tubes are clear. New brakes, shocks, drums, most wheel bearings and races, wheel seals, front air bags, ( rear bags are 2 years old), compressor, air dryer, air tank drain valves, engine shut down solenoid. Shimmed up left king pin. Transmission drain and filter replacement. Radiator will live to fight another day, after being rodded out and cleaned internally with CLR and externally with lots and lots of application of Dawn dish soap. Fresh coolant. Wheew !  
Thank you Gurus for your advice. Richard, got your message. Thank you !

Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

I would think this is a 'sort of' normal occurrence. Getting coolant up to temp and working an engine normally are not the same. The heads would be much hotter while pulling with exhaust temps near 1000. Also 900 rpm won't provide the oil splash that 2000+ will. If that were my engine I wouldn't be real concerned.. I would suggest taking the coach out on the highway and making the engine pull, getting exhaust temps over 900 degrees, rather than just 'operating temp'. YMMV. Good luck

Mark and Marian

1986 #125
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Hey Guy and Sue! 
Just watched Scott’s recap video on your service work while we are camping in Apache Junction AZ. So glad y’all got everything back to par. Scott sure knows what he is doing around a bus! Safe travels. 


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Paul and Angi
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I too, watched the last two video's. Safe travels!

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Hey Gurus, thanks for the encouragement while our classic Newell was at The Bus Grease Monkey. For those of you not familiar with them, they are a first rate shop, allowing you to stay in your coach during repairs, which in our case was over 12 days. Scott initially asks for a wish list, and then gets to work verifying issues. He and his crew start from the wheels up with a complete steering and suspension check, followed by total brake , hub .and bearing inspection. This gives the shop a jump on ordering any steering, suspension, shock , drums, rotors, air bags  etc. It made sense to have multiple things replaced while the coach was apart, to save on duplication of labor costs.
They were excellent on explaining my options, along with costs. Friday is "settleup" day. You pay for work completed and parts received. This avoids sticker shock of a huge final bill. At no time are you given the "sunshine treatment" having your coach put outside to make way for another client. When Bus Grease Monkey starts on your coach, you are the only customer at that time.
If you watched the Utube video he posted on our "Hippie Bus" you will notice he could have sold us on rebuilding the radiator, but chose to pull the rad, remove the tanks, and use cleaners and rod out the core by hand. He saved us a lot of cash by doing that.
In short, we have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Scott Crosby. It was certainly worth the 12 weeks waiting for an appointment

Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

Good result and write up . I have been following BGM for about six years now , watched as he has gone from mobile service in his old bus to the Tennessee property . He and Tyler are very knowledgeable on the Detroit two strokes , and they work hard .
I am amazed that Tyler was able to get into the engine compartment to install the air compressor . I have to come in from the top for access , old and creaky now I guess .
Happy that your coach is now in great running and driving order .

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i watched the youtube videos. very cool

glad things turned out so great


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