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engine coolant recovery tank

On old coaches the plastic tanks or other wise items that are made of plastic deteriorate our tank was not leaking but it was a time bomb which would leave a mess going down the road or in your driveway, I was informed this by a couple crusty old guys no name mentioned Smile that had this happen so I heeded to their knowledge and changed ours out, went from old plastic to a stainless steel tank rather than fabricate a new tank I looked on ebay and found a fuel tank that was the same OD as the plastic one and ordered it, had to tig weld a 1/4" T fitting on the bottom and cut a hold in the top (which would be the side for a tank) and bingo it was done here are some pictures of the old and the new tank. Thanks to those guys who did a walk around our coach! If you don't have a tig then silver solder would work or hire it out. If your coolent recovery tank has no fluid in it your bound to overheat at some point.  Also you must leave the top cap loose so the recovery part will work, I cut a 1.5" hole and used a plumbing pipe stop to cover up the area where you would fill it but leave the cap on the fill loose. The diameter of the tank is 8" if you care to shop elsewhere but I used the same brackets that came with the plastic tank.

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1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"

Jack, that looks very good.

I will echo what Jack said…if you have one of the grey tanks….its not *if* its gonna fail…its *when*.


Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama

That looks professional! Nice work!

1993 8v92TA #312

Very nice!

Brad Aden
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
St. Louis, MO

Thank you!

1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"

This looks great! Thanks for the link - I’ll be looking into it soon.

Karen & Adrian Abshire 
1998 2 slide 45' Newell towing a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and a 2006 Mercedes SLK320 for wifey. 
Prior: 1985 Foretravel ORED 35, 1988 38' Foretravel U280, 2000 Foretravel 42' U320, 1990 Bluebird Wanderlodge WB40

Great work! Thanks for the sharing.
I ordered mine a year ago because my plastic CRS 300 had cracked and was leaking.
I paid $190 for an aluminum replacement, raw finish, custom made dimensions to match the original one.

website shows options and prices at the link

Looks like he raised prices again, inflation is everywhere! Didn’t the FED chairman or chairwoman said the inflation is just a “transitory” thing?

Joe Zhao @ Greenville TX 75402
2004 Newell Coach 701, 45-8, 4 Slides, Front Entry
Detroit Diesel 60 w/DDEC, Allison 6-Speed AT, ZF Suspension w/Steerable Tag, ZF Auto Traction Control

Joe we are in times I never thought I would see in my 68 years on this earth, don't know what the future holds for us but not looking good.

1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"

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