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Thomas Compressor Replacement

Brad couldn’t you just put an outlet in where the compressor ties into the 110 j box?

Have been dealing with the Thomas compressors for a while. I did order them through my Netherlands distributor and had them ordered in the usa and delivered direct to my address in the usa. Price much lower. Got one new in stock and one with replaced condensator and extra condensator.
Is the compressor worn out, or what I found is, that just the condensator is faulty. Just replace and compressor is running fine.
Be aware that the Thomas is a two stage compressor to 130 psi and that the california does not get higher than 100 psi its a single stage double head compressor.

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I too bought one of the Harbor Freight air compressors. I used it when I had several air leaks that ran the 110V air compressor a lot. I didn't care if a $100 unit burned out. I was pleased the performance and sound level. I looked at the mounting and it is very close to the California pumps (CP), it looks like drilling 2/4 holes could mount the HF unit. You would remove the motor/compressor from the HF unit leaving all but motor/compressor unit, then mount and wire the unit using the control system, unloader and 110 from the coach.
I have used the HF for over a year and am happy with it.
I have not replaced the CP units as both are working and I have one spare.

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