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what to paint over rusted metal with

we have a cabin in northern az.  my shed has seen better days.  i am building doors for it, but i need to paint it.  the roof is totally rusted and a bit of the sides are.  

i have looked alot and it is not clear what to do without spending a fortune or wire brushing the whole thing.  the best i will do is to pressure wash it.  

in the end i will paint it a pale green to match the house most likely.

suggestions that wont break the shed bank?

roof is 250sq ft and total of outside is about 400sq ft.



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Bed liner, its tough and will hold up to UV rays. I would wire brush it first or use that Eastwoods rust inhibitor.

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I second bed liner.

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I have experience with this issue. I built many truck bodies, the ones coated in bedliner rusted many times faster than the traditionally painted bodies.

Bed liner products trap moisture between the liner and the steel. Now this only happens if the liner coating is compromised. Given that you'll never fully encapsulate the steel in this coating I say it's a bad choice.

Power wash, dry, apply a POR rust converter type product, paint as normal. I would suggest an enamel.

This is just my opinion.

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I have used Ospho for years to neutralize rust then wire brush before paint.....

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I too prefer Ospho. It converts iron oxide to iron phosphate, an inert salt. Once dry, paint with what ever you want. You will not be painting over rust

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As for removing the rust, have you considered using a sand blaster? Years ago before my dad moved to Fl, he owned a small RV storage place (one of his major regrets is selling it). We had a bunch of steel I beams that had rusted before we had a chance to paint them, He rented an industrial sand blaster, and it made them like new, before we primed and spray painted them silver. Most equipment rental places should have some level of sand blaster that you can rent.

- Marcus G-R

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thanks for the comments. this is our place that is 2 1/2 hours away and i will not be getting on the roof of it to wire brush it.

i can take my pressure washer up there and clean it as good as i can with it and then use some rust converter and then paint it.

i also ran across rustbullet which is kinda like por15 but half the price.

this is a shed, and pretty good is good enough for it. it has been like this for many years, with the accumulation of more cabin stuff, i need to put doors on it that actually close and make it so the roof doesnt rust all the way through.


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Was it a galvanized roof?

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No. Just the metal from a 40 year old metal shed


2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH


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