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GPS for RV's

OK Folks,
What are people doing for GPS for RV's?  I guess there are Apps for your phone, Software or apps for a tablet, or a stand alone Garmin type unit. I think I would like a bigger screen then my phone, I currently use Google and Android Auto in my Vehicles.  Lay it on me Gurus.

Karl and Lisa G.
Coach #385
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One word answer..........

Copilot, she is the best!

I have a Garmin RV GPS

1993 8v92TA #312


I too have an excellent copilot. God bless her dad for teaching her to read maps.

She usually uses the Apple Maps, or sometimes Googlemaps.

I have retrofitted a larger screen head unit, that will hook up with my phone on Appleplay, if I want to see the map when driving solo.

We have borrowed a Garmin Dezl for the Alaskan trip because there were areas where Rhonda was worried about internet signal needed for the phone based apps. It has worked flawlessly, but it is not quite as easy to input the location as with a phone. Plus it has some features, such announcing speed limit changes, approaching downhills, overspeed, city limit borders, county borders, state lines, birthdays, yard sales, and nearby Dollar General stores that I have tried to disable. Seriously, I love it except for the incessant dinging.

Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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I use a Garmin DEZL as a primary unit  for work (I drive an oversize tractor trailer) and play (car or Newell)
and Google maps occasionally (mostly for traffic)

Google can get you in really bad places really quickly (ask me how I

Garmin (dezl is the trucker version, rv units have same mapping) and as you probably know, it allows your specific vehicle data to be configured (width, height, weight, lenghth) and should keep you off roads you shouldn'tbe on in the coach...should is kinda my disclaimer because nothing is perfect, but it's really quite good.

There are alot of little extras in garmin that I really like, like it's has real-time and posted speed that's accurate to within feet, it warns of road conditions (curves) and school zones, lots more. As Richard so eloquently stated. Mine has a magnetized mount, so I have one in Newell, one in truck and one in car, so I just pull headunit off the mount and pop it in whatever I'm driving. Very handy 

They are pricey but from my experience they are more than worth it. It also has regular car mode so it'll double duty in the car when you might not need the special routing 

I can also get Garmin DEZL for really good deal so if anyone is interested, let know savings more than cover shipping

Arch & Mary Jones
1997 Newell #463
Williamsburg, VA or Gettysburg, PA 
depending on what day it is

We've been using Garmin Trucker since 2018, and love it. Had never steered us wrong, especially in the east where low bridges can be an issue.

Clarke and Elaine Hockwald
1982 Newell Classic, 36', 6V92 TA
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We bought the Rand McNally truckers GPS it will take your weight, height, and length into consideration. Amen to what Arch said, I found out you do not have your phone going to the same destination and follow the truckers GPS, the phone will take you places a motorcycle shouldn't go and the truckers GPS will put you on the right track and the updates are free.

1999 45'  #504 "Magnolia"
Gravette, Arkansas
1996 40 XL Prevost Marathon 

I have been using RV Trip Wizard. It too takes your weight height and length into consideration. I can and do download all the maps I will need for future travels so it is not dependent on outside signals save for GPS. It runs on my iPhone. I am looking into adding a modern head unit radio with a proper screen and connectivity to the phone.

1998 Coach 484
1997 Suzuki Sidekick toad. 

Garmin RV. I do have a devil of a time programming in destination or heaven forbid an additional stop in my route sometimes. I guess I’m just spoiled by Google.

I do also wish I could ONLY program it to tell me about upcoming truck stops or rest areas as that’s all I’m looking for.

Brad Aden
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
Towing 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit
St. Louis, MO

Alright, looks like a dedicated unit is the answer.  I own Garmin stock, so might as well help them out a little.  Thanks for the advice Guru's.

Karl and Lisa G.
Coach #385
Toad - Not ready for that yet Confused

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