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Mid Entry Stairs - Intermittent operation

My stairs seem to be intermittently "stuck" over the last year. I have used all types of lubricant and also having techs look at them. They'll be in the down position for a short period and for long periods and then one day, they'll retract and operate until left out for an extended time. No consistent pattern that I otherwise have noticed.

Any inputs welcomed.

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If you have Kwikee steps, you can get a troubleshooting pigtail. I think I got mine on Amazon.

Here is a troubleshooting guide on youtube
Part 1
Part 2

i use a pigtail and power supply. you can test each function that way without being underneath it


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Does yours have a magnetic switch at the door? Possibly it's out of adjustment (pushed in too far) or wires are damaged. You could use a magnet to activate the door switch and see if it's working properly.

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Intermittent operation troubleshooting is fun (said nobody ever)!
I solved my problem once by reseating the relays in the compartment just in front of the door. I reseated all three of them. I'm not sure which solved the problem but only for a while.
I ended up replacing the motor, gear box and controller sourced on eBay. One of the bolts that holds the motor to the gear box is too long. I added a couple of washers to the bolt and the step works great.
I added links in a thread someone else started on this forum.

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