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Big Girl Weighed

We are off on a Holiday trip to White Sands and Big Bend starting the day after Christmas.   I had the beast weighed was surprised to see the disparity on the front axel left to right.   I am going to move some stuff around in the bays but think I am already weighted right side there as much as possible. 

120/115/90 looks about right

Any thoughts or comments


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JD and Kathy

I'm assuming those pics are, in order: FRONT / REAR / TAG

It's not uncommon for the imbalance, but we're actually heavier on the RIGHT side, not left like your's.  When you look at contents, my thought is there's not a heckuva lot we can do when the discrepancy is in excess of 1,000 lbs.  You'll see my rear is 1650 lbs off, so there's no way to rebalance THAT much load in the bays.

Newell has most of our tanks pretty well centered, so even a full vs. empty water/fuel/waste isn't gonna tip the scales...pun intended.

As for the PRESSURE CHART, Newell posts the manufacturer chart on their service center wall.  But, once you know the exact weight, the suggested pressures will change.  This is my chart, and the new pressures I run:


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I think the differences are largely floor plan design driven. I agree, moving stuff around in the bays probably wont make a much of a difference. After looking at the Michelin chart again I think I will drop the tag to 80. I don't expect to feel that but hope it will help with proper wear. Tires will be aged out long before worn out. Coach was weighed full 85% water and full fuel, happy to see nothing was over the limits.

Yes, the pics were in order and labeled axle 1-3.

Thanks as always for the response. Merry Christmas!


2023 Newell #1746
21 Bronco w/ Airforce One

JD and Kathy

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