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Clean AC Filters

Good Morning Forum,

As a Newbie, I think I have an easy question, but time will tell.  

I have a 2008 coach, unit 1247, and I am planning to clean the AC inlet filters as I am not sure when it was done last.  Per Newell, I just remove the cover (mirrored section and possibly the outer leather covered part as well) by just popping the clips.  Here is where my confusion comes to play....not to mention my significant fear of causing any damage to either the outer ring or the mirrored section.  I have no idea what type of clips are used and if there are any "pry" appropriate areas to use to if these are automotive type clips such as for door panels, etc.

I have attached a photo of AC 1 & 2 covers for reference.  Any one who has done this in the past and has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,


Jerry & Cyndi Hayes
Bella, our Maltipoo Sidekick
2008 Newell Coach #1247, Quad-Slide
2010 Mini Cooper Toad
Phoenix, AZ

Similar to my ‘07.  Grasp the open side of the oval (either one) and pull down.  It will be hinged on the other end.  There will be wires for the lights so don’t pull to far, but a gentle “yank” will do it.  Filter is easy to see.  Same with the other oval.  You will also see what the latches are and the one with no mirrors, all leather, wil have four.  Bedroom oval is similar.


Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i

Mine (#1244) uses the 5# black latches found elsewhere in the coach. One of the first things I did was to purchase 20 or so of them off Amazon as they seem to have a planned life and I must had acquired our coach right at the end of that lifespan!

2008 C-15/ZF12
Towing Jeep Gladiator (BluOx/AirForce)

Thank you all! I will pick up the coach next week and get the AC filters cleaned! Once I get the latches / clips off, I can figure out what to order as replacement / spares.

Jerry & Cyndi Hayes
Bella, our Maltipoo Sidekick
2008 Newell Coach #1247, Quad-Slide
2010 Mini Cooper Toad
Phoenix, AZ

    Yes, have SPARES!!!! They are from SOUTHCO, but here's the problem...

Amazon has them, but may NOT be the official SouthCo mold.  Ask me how I found out!

The FOOT has been changed to a more ROBUST version.  So, while I have a bunch of the "thinner" version which break when you look at them cross-eyed...I orded a bunch of the beefier molded feet which....of course....have a bit longer base and, hence, the screw slots won't match up.  So, I dremel the screw slot on the foot a bit so I don't have to re-drill the base to which the foot gets mounted onto.

Also, take note that the majority of those feet are backed with VHB tape.  This serves two purposes; one is distribute the holding power (to make the foot last longer) and, two, to act as a shim for height variances.  I have as many as 3 layers for the reefer latches.

I'll show you the OLD thin version, and the new BEEFIER version.

.pdf Southco Latch j-c3-77.pdf Size: 71.78 KB  Downloads: 20

Steve & Janice Vance
2015 Newell #1524
Glendora, CA

Ah, now I see what they look like...Looks similar or the same as the latch on my refrigerator. Which coincidentally, just broke as well, the latch, not the fridge, so I do have a few of those as spares. I will order the reinforced ones and be ready with the VHB tape as well.

All the help is greatly appreciated!

Jerry & Cyndi Hayes
Bella, our Maltipoo Sidekick
2008 Newell Coach #1247, Quad-Slide
2010 Mini Cooper Toad
Phoenix, AZ

I talked to Southco, all though they no longer advertize the smaller size, they still offer them.
I forget how to buy them, I'll look through my notes if needed.

2006 Newell #760
Cat 625
ZF 12

I am looking at buying a 95 Newell Coach and the owner has informed me that the front basement air isn't blowing cold air and the rear basement air works less than the front unit. So, which way is a better way to go, 1.) replace with 3 roof top units, 2.) replace the 3 basement air units, or 3.) install 2 larger mini-splits.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter, former MCI owner now wanting to replace that coach with a Newell.

Best option, repair what is there. That coach will have Dometic split units. They will freeze you when working properly. Compressors and fan motors are available with parts nos listed on this site. Those units were the forerunners of today’s minisplits. The compressor and condenser are in the basement, and the evap is interior to the coach.

Roof airs would be your next best option

Retrofitting minis into that coach will be tough unless you are willing to deal with the cassettes hanging on the wall.

There is no ducting for retrofitting basement air units into the coach

Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Maverick Hybrid Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

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