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Lower aluminum trim delamination

I thought I conquered all loose trims before I took the coach in for paint. Last week I did a walk around and noticed the third bay door lower trim on the left side was hanging. The VHB adhesive had dried up and come loose. One tiny rivet kept it from laying on the floor. I removed the trim and applied copious amounts of 3M adhesive remover while using a long handled single edge razor to scrape off the tape. Thankfully it was only on the trim side. The heat gun didn't work so well and I didn't want to cook the new paint. Either way, I did get it clean and used a body shop paint cleaner to make sure there was no residue. From there I used a small sanding block and brightened up the aluminum trim and bay door while again, applying cleaner. New 3M VHB tape and it went on solidly. Instead of the rivets, I put in #8 stainless steel screws that were cut down to fit. Much better securement since the rivet doesn't really expand in the well type hole of the trim piece. All in all, I had to replace the adhesive on three bay door trims. The rest of the coach is solid for now.

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1993 8v92TA #312

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