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LED lights and dimmers

We recently changed every halogen puck light to LED but noticed the lights at low level on the dimmers had a strobe like effect, after doing some research found the old halogen dimmers are PWM and called leading edge dimmers. I bought a few LED dimmers (trailing edge dimmers) off amazon but they would not work on our systems where the + 12 volts to the lights is what controls the dimming of the lights, but found one that does work pricey but it works perfect.

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1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"
Gravette, Arkansas

How many dimmers did you need? One for each overhead switch?

Steve Magown
Calhoun, LA
2001 Prevost H3 Vantare
formerly Newell #458

The Newell as well as my last coach have PWM dimming.  I found that some LED's flicker when dimmed but some don't.  Newell had ones that say G4-PWM on them which don't flicker but they aren't available now.  The search continues.        

2014 Newell Coach 1482 Mid Entry 45'8" Valid Slides and Valid Levelling

Steve I needed 4, one for the front slide, one for the salon ceiling which is by the door, one for the galley area above microwave, and one for the bedroom ceiling.

Jim we replaced the whole assembly with a all aluminum puck with built in leds.

1999 45' with tag axle, #504 "Magnolia"
Gravette, Arkansas

Just in case this info helps…

It apparently is all about the LED itself. My Spyder can dim my lights by pressing and holding the particular button. Every light, from floor to ceiling, dims without pulsing. I use my Alexa to set them to a certain level or 100% since there’s no way else wise other than a guess.

HOWEVER…as for my Window Accent STRIPS…not so much! I can dim them very far at all with them pulsing.

The electronics engineer at Newell explained it to me and it makes sense; LEDs dim by changing the frequency, not voltage. Once the dimming gets into harmony with the 60hz cycles…pulsing happens. So, there is NO fix for that situation.

Steve & Janice Vance
2015 Newell #1524
Glendora, CA

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