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Welded up the HWH slide pin actuator

Found out another gotcha today - use a TIG welder on the slide room if possible - it is VERY easy to burn through the thin-wall tubing with a MIG welder… don’t ask me how I know this!

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I have a miller 215 with digital display. it can be set for 20 gauge sheet metal. You still have to swirl it very quickly as it can still burn through. Love my welder. Makes me look like a pro of which I'm not.

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Yeah, a couple of things. Set the amperage way low, and also set the wire speed low. Practice on some scrap tubing to fine tune. Its easier with gas sheilded than flux core becuase the gas coola the weld a bit. Start with the amps low and gradually bring them up until the wire doesnt stick and you can maintain a short arc. Long arcs create moe heat. You cant do much at the time. You can also stitch weld with plenty of time to cool

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