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DOT Fittings

Hello Everyone - As Everyone on here Knows, Air Leaks are a Big Part of getting to Know your Newell Coach,
I am going to begin replacing my push-on fitting with DOT Brass or Stainless fittings.(What would be Preferable?) What would be a GOOD starting inventory to have on hand to Begin This ‘Road to Recovery”. I know it will not be Inexpensive but running back and forth or Ordering online can be Very Time Consuming! Some Guidance from the “Enlightened Guru’s”, would be Greatly appreciated!! Thank You!!

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If you have a FleetPride location near you, it is easy to open an account. I get all my fittings from them right when I need them without waiting. To start get several 1/4" fittings in both straight and 90's. 1/4" couplings and then go up to 3/8" 1/2" and maybe 5/8" if you coach has them. A couple of push on fittings work great for a fast side of the road emergency so your trip isn't spent wrenching in the rain. Definitely some push on end of line caps. Don't forget to have the proper size wrenches on hand. I use Bubble solution from Walmart (Kids toy section) in a spray bottle and have since picked up an Amprobe ULD405 ultrasonic leak detector. Overall, the bubble spray is my go to.

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I use McMaster Carr, because it is a day trip to the local HDT supply house.

Brass. SS is overkill.

As Simon said, most of the fittings will be 1/4 tubing by 1/4 npt, so straight and 90 in that size.
You will have a few 3/8 tubing by 1/4 npt, and a few 1/4 tubing by 3/8 npt. 1/2 tubing is used in a few places in the brake system.

I would also put in some 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 DOT tubing into the spares box

Add some splices or connectors in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2. They may save you if you get a hole in a line.

I love this combination for emergency repairs. The push on straight connectors and the plugs at the bottom of the page. With 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 you can quickly splice a line or use the connector and the plug to dead head the line. This is the only push on I use, and it’s just for temp repairs.

I would also add some extra ferrules and nuts.

And this last part is my OPINION. The fittings you get from McMaster will have sealant on the NPT threads. I use Rectorseal pipe dope. I do not recommend teflon tape on threaded fittings in our air systems. There is a possibility of shredding the tape, which produces little bits of teflon that will move in the air system and create problems in the various solenoid valves all over the coach. Yes you can be very careful not to get tape on the first two threads and avoid this. Yes you can also use way too much sealant and squeeze it into the system.

Loctite 440 is an excellent thread sealant. Pricey, and not avail at the local box stores, but it works and is easy to use.

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But....naw it's too early....

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I agree with Richard's suggestion of McMaster-Carr.  They have a very detailed online store and ship with Amazon-like quickness.

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Most of the fittings that I have purchased when I started my collection was from  They have everything I could dream of and have a specific area on the website for DOT fittings.  They used to have free shipping on Fridays and had quantity discounts. Shipping was very fast

One thing that was not mentioned in others collections that I have found very helpful when I need to stop a leaking circuit on the road has been to have a ball valve with me.  It then will help later in searching for leaks as you can turn circuits off.

Thank you Guys!! Thats a Big Help !!

2007 Newell, Coach 804

(04-04-2024, 05:48 AM)folivier Wrote:  But....naw it's too early....
And I was just going to make some popcorn. ;-)

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MyTee Products out of Aurora OH. They have high quality fittings at very reasonable prices.

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