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Author: Doug Musick - Replies: 12 - Views: 3909
Tonight I lost power to the fridge, 120 V vanity lights, several outlets, etc.  The L1 voltmeter above driver seat shows 0.

I traced the problem to the generator/shore switch in the rear closet.  I have 120 on each leg and 240 across the legs on coming into the Cutler-Hammer C65FNF360.  But going out only L2 has power.

I toggled the shore/generator switch back and fourth a couple of times to see if it would reset with something simple, it didn't.

It is -9 here now and the generator wo
Author: Decoder of the Code - Replies: 18 - Views: 4701
I have recently bought a 2009 Newell and have been getting work done on it at Newell HQ.  I have been using all 4 air conditioners which have been working even in the triple digits temp currently.  All at once, I noticed that the air 3 and 4 in the bedroom were still blowing but not cold anymore.

So I have checked the breakers and they are on and I cycled them and no change.  They still blow are but not very cold at all.  I have tried the generator to see if there was a power issue and there