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Author: Aragona1 - Replies: 2 - Views: 4231
[attachment=5608][attachment=5609][attachment=5610][attachment=5611]on my 1994 8v92 the automotive AC compressor mounts broke or failed and took out the engine fan completely.  I cannot find the correct fan.  is there a part number for this?  Had Clark in Indy put a new fan on, they said they could not find a 7 blade so the put an 8 blade on.  It ran hot all the way home.  Must be the wrong fan or angle.  Someone has to have a spec or model number for it.  Parts at Newell as not been much help e
Author: Glenn and Laureen - Replies: 5 - Views: 2986
We have a 1984 Newell with a 6V92 Detroit Diesel engine w/turbo that we bought in April of this year. The engine has run very smoothly and extremely quietly since we bought it. Have driven from California to Texas with no unusual engine noises or issues. Last night when we started it to return it to storage there was a loud clatter/clanking noise coming from the engine bay immediately upon starting. Had sort of a metallic sound. I turned the engine off and looked in the bay for smoke, broken bel
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Good morning.

Yesterday I finished the installation of a WALKER AIRSEP (KWOTR-10R) for 744’s Cat C13 ACERT. 
Not a complicated installation, I had to fabricate a bracket for mounting it in the right side engine compartment. I purchased it last year when I noticed a small pool of oil underneath the engine. Under further investigation I found the “slobber tube” was only partially responsible, a good majority of the oil was from a leaking seal which was resolved. Non the less the AIRSEP will be
Author: jdkskyking - Replies: 27 - Views: 6104
Good afternoon Newell owners,

We’ve got the Cat-13 ACERT in our rig. On our last trip we experienced fluctuations in our cooling temps. The cooling temp increased when we were pulling Colorado mountains more than I liked. Thanks to Newell’ Mike E, Richard, and their expertise we were able to manage our situation. 

Now I’m entering the question and answer game with our 15 year old cooling system. So many variables to look at in this scenario. 

I have no idea how many rigs have the C13 en