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Author: Glenn and Laureen - Replies: 6 - Views: 2541
The backup lights on our 1984 Newell Classic do not work. They are located in the rear bumper. After extensive (for us) sluthing, Laureen and I have concluded that there is some sort of switch or relay located under the gear shift that is not sending the proper signal when we put the gear shift into reverse. I have attached a couple of  pictures (below) of the suspected small cannister device. What is this thing called and where do I buy one? How do I get the old one out?

We came to the concl
Author: hbens - Replies: 3 - Views: 2184
I have a 2001 #586 and I've read my user manual and there isn't any instruction on how the docking lights work.
I see there is a docking light switch on the dash. I toggled this and they did not light. I suspect you must be in reverse to have them come on but cannot find anything that tells me so. If they are inop I want to fix them before I go on my trip to NY this summer. 
What are the correct sequence of steps to get them to light?
Thank you,