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bottom of slide sticking out after sitting
mine crept out again last year and it was another extend solenoid. after replacing it, it stayed steady.

they are quite pricey. easy to change though. just takes a few minutes.

newell will tell you to change them in pairs....the extend and retract. but in talking to a hwh tech, he said they do that just to make sure there are no problems. i only changed the extend solenoid.

i have a special tool like a spanner that fits in the two holes in the back of the solenoid that makes taking it out easier and without removing any others.

there are two different kinds. you should have the same as me. ones of smaller diameter. the new ones will not have a pressure release nut on the back, but will have a white plastic lever. much easier.

just follow the instructions that come with the solenoid from hwh (i bought it directly from them) and you will be good

the problem with slide creep is causing problems with the slide seal. if it is inflated when it creeps, it can easily roll it out and take it out of the retaining slot.

that is why i had to change my front slide seal.

just a reminder that i have the very nice slide cart so if anyone is in the phoenix area and needs a slide seal changed we can do it at my place if you are willing to help. no charge, just fun. you just have to buy the seal. and i have to be home....ha

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Just out of curiosity, are the inflatable slide seals on the newer Valid slides any different than on the HWH slides?
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