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Front & Tag axle wheel bearings
Forest measured mine on the way to Spearfish and they were the same as his. Steve when I had new tires put on, I turned the spindle and all was free. Turned really well with no drag. So I feel all is well there. Also when I am in idle the coach will move freely. I feel the disc brakes have to produce a lot of heat. Will be interested to what you find out on your next outing.
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot
Unfortunately next outing is April...............................Sad

but I'm glad to hear you don't have a problem
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Used the temp gun on the front wheel. Outside air temp was mid 80s. Wheel temp showed at 95 degrees.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Steve, been doing a bit of experimenting on wheel heat. If I am going down the interstate and pull off at a rest stop, my wheels are not hot at all. But if I am going through a small town with a lot of red lights and I do a lot of braking then my wheel will get hot. It seems to do with how much braking one does as to how hot mine get. Seems to cause no problem and the hub oil is not discolored. I need to get a temp gun, but would estimate the temp to be around 130-140 tops.
Forest has a temp gun and when we were traveling together to Spearfish my wheels were the same temp as his.
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot

What oil are you using to refill the front bearings? @rheavn I saw that you said "I use a 75/90 synthetic oil". Do you have a favorite brand...or just 75/90 gear oil?

Bill Johnson
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine with Motorcycle lift 
2011 Jeep Wrangler, 2018 BMW 1200GS Adventure Motorcycle
Auburn, Alabama
I am using Castrol.  Same oil I changed into my rear end.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531

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