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Thoughts and Discussion on Fulltiming
Thanks Clarke! yes relationships are a foundational issue and building on a compromised base can be a difficult road. But not in ours....yabba dabba dooo! Thanks for your input it's very well received!
Robert & Tammy Hopkins Angel
2002 Kountry Star Newmar
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I can't imagine anyone putting up with me 24/7 forever. I can't imagine me putting up with even a saint 24/7 forever.

Recognition that we all need some alone time now and again is the first step. The need for some time alone isn't a criticism of the other person, it's just something we each need sometimes for awhile. Being explicit with your partner about what you need generally prompts solutions to pop up, and then you just go do it. It's never been a big deal in my life unless I wasn't explicit and then I get THE QUESTION: "What's wrong"? Answering: "Nothing" is always unsatisfying.
Jon Kabbe
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Thanks Jon! ......I totally get were ya coming from. I guess that's what sleeping is good for.....haa haa Thank God for least for my sweet hubby! I always thought my mom saying" don't wake your father up" was cause she wanted him to have rest.......but as an adult I figured it out.....she just wanted piece and quiet. ...haa haa haa....
Robert & Tammy Hopkins Angel
2002 Kountry Star Newmar
2007 Prius

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