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Headed out again
We got 6.8 with the rebuilt 8V92 last trip flat towing the F-350 (around 9K#) at about 67 mph. From Gallup to Kingman & back to Grants. A bit slower on the long slow grinds going east on I-40 out of Kingman. My temp gauge is a bit off but rather than risk engine damage I did a lot of 2nd & 3rd gear on hills. Based on S&S saying my temp gauge was 11-12 degrees off, I may have been down shifting to keep temps below +/- 195F instead of 205F. I have now invested in Silver Leaf. Got it today and will install it before next trip out. Based on past posts where folks have noticed a significant difference in Silver Leaf DDEC readings, did anyone replace their analog temp gauge to try & get a better match up of data? I tried the independent ground but was not able to get satisfactory results. Still bumping up +/- 5 degrees when I turned on head lights. Is there a check or calibration on the analog gauge or best to just replace?
Once you start using your Silverleaf you won't look at your analog gauges again!
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(07-03-2015, 03:17 PM)folivier Wrote: Once you start using your Silverleaf you won't look at your analog gauges again!

That's true!! My temp gauge reads exactly with the silverleaf , however the oil pressure gauge reads 20 psi low at cruising speed. Paul
Paul and Sherry Schneider
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Silverleaf update: It seems as if there was a bad one of anything, I will get it. The Silverleaf was giving me intermittent readings for temp & voltage on last trip to & from Alb. But I was able to correlate the analog gauge reading with Silverleaf digital. Analog is off by +/-15-30 degrees. Return vms to Silverleaf for a replacement. will also get new analog that reads closer to actual for those "just in case" moments.

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