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Trailer or Toad
David another option is to tow a full-size 4 door 4x4 truck (with neutral option) with the motorcycle and green egg in the bed.
We did this for a few years but with an extended cab truck with a (longer) RZR in the bed. I kept a cover on the RZR and it kept it clean. Even though we couldn't back up it was quick and easy to unhook the truck when needed. Quite often we'd leave the RZR in the truck while driving around rather than unload it.
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A hydra lift is the lift that i use. I looked for a few years and managed to buy mine used, but they are hard to fund used. I am very happy with it. The model i have is rated to 1000# my motorcycle is 900# and it lifts it easily. I did make some custom tie down points by welding on additional cross members, after seeing another that had been modified. We towed a jeep liberty behind the lift without a problem.
Peter Haggins
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While I do not pull a stacker, I have been towing a 26' enclosed car hauler in which we carry our car, 4 bicycles and everything else that makes us happy while we travel full time. It has been no trouble at all. Originally we chose the trailer option because we had a 2002 T-Bird and did not want to tow it four down, or even on an open trailer, so the enclosed option appealed to us. After 4 years on the road I told Elaine that even if we didn't have a car to put in the trailer I would still haul the trailer around. I have a workshop inside, a large wall mounted cabinet, a bike stand, a TV, a stereo, and all my has become my 'man cave' when we are parked for extended periods of time. The bonus to all of this is the car comes out as clean as when it went in.

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I have had carry racks on all three of my newels 89,96, & 04. They have all been drive on with no moving parts, easy to put on, and no problems. I can install and remove by myself in 15 minutes or less. I can load and unload with out any assistance. I alway flat tow a quad cab 4x4 truck. I would be more than happy to talk to you and send pictures. My phone number is 865-712-5610 and I'm in the eastern time zone.
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We have finally decided on flat towing a car instead of a trailer. We plan to tow a GMC Yukon. Are there any issues, created by the steering tag axle and the short turn radius, that need to be considered. If so, any recommendations on how to eliminate potential problems will be greatly appreciated.
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Just don't back up
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That Yukon will make a great 'junk' carrier (if it is my wifes' it is 'junk', if it's mine it is 'stuff' lol) ... I would vote for the stacker after having a lift and towing a Jeep Liberty all over. The bike and Jeep both got filthy! I am looking for a stacker and will try one some day...
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(01-11-2016, 09:38 AM)Yachts Wrote: , full disclosure here. I have had both and stackers for the last 15 years. I also own a company that builds stackers so I am admittedly biased.

After having stackers the plus is obvious, haul everything. Keep it clean.

The minuses are as follows.

1.Climbing out the window or rear hatch because the wheel wells in the trailer do not allow you to exit the door normally.

2.Dealing with ramps or lift gates. These can be simple or difficult safe or dangerous depending on the configuration.. ( lift gates for a single person or couple is so not a good idea.)

3. Pulling a trailer results in the trailer "cutting the corner" which means increased area needed to turn especially right turns.

4. Hooking up , trying to line up a trailer from 45 feet away is not an easy process and requires a large area to allow the coach to line up.

5. When arriving at a location making sure there is ample space to maneuver and drop the trailer.

Now here is my sales pitch.

Newman-Ellis Coach Trailers have addressed all 5 of the previous issues.

1. Newman-Ellis Coach trailers have no axles ,just 4 independent suspension modules, located on each of the 4 corners. This allows a lower center of gravity and more interior height because we do not need to start the floor of the trailer above the axles. Also because the wheels are located on the four corners you can open the drivers side door normally and exit the vehicle easily because you do not have wheel wells in the way.

2. Newman -Ellis trailers also lay flat on the ground for loading and unloading. Because Newman-Ellis trailers want to make having a stacker easy. The air ride suspension allows the entire trailer to lay flat on the ground with the touch of a button eliminating the need for rear ramp doors or lift gates. This also allows cars with low ground clearance to not scrape a ramp on loading. The rear door hinges upwards allowing for a rear covered area behind the trailer. It also can be controlled with a remote so you Can actually use the trailer as a garage. Pull up hit the button drive in. Another issue with other trailers is as a car is driving up a ramp it is difficult to stay lined up. Since there is no ramp on a Newman-Ellis your vision is not obscured while on the incline of a ramp.

3. Newman-Ellis trailers front tires are steerable. The front axles steer allowing for the trailer to follow in the coaches tracks meaning if the coach makes the corner the trailer will make it. We also have a patented reverse system. When backing up a traditional trailer you must turn the vehicle in the opposite direction of the way you want the trailer to move. With a flat 4 tow vehicle, reversing is nearly impossible. Newman -Ellis trailers use a patented system that upon putting the coach in reverse. Hydraulic Rams reverse the geometry of the front steer tires and allows the entire trailer and coach to be backed up as one unit. Turn the wheel the direction you want to back up and the entire vehicle backs as one unit.

4 and 5.One of the most unique features of a Newman Ellis is the hydraulic motor that allows you to drive the trailer to the coach. Complete with joystick control there is never a need to line up and back up the coach to a trailer. Simply walk up to the trailer grab the joystick controller and drive it right to your hitch on your coach . Whether it's 10 yards or 200 yards or even a mile away. Being able to drive the trailer to the coach makes hooking up a breeze and a one person job. Also when you arrive at your destination you can unhook park the coach and then simply drive the trailer to where ever it is needed to be put. This eliminates the need to have a giant pull through or tight campground issues.

A few other issues, because we have tires on 4 corners the actual tongue weight is virtually zero. This eliminates any extra weight on the rear suspension of the coach. All trailers come with Alcoa 22.5 inch rims which match the coach and gives it an awesome look. We paint to match the trailer to your coach.

Interior wise Newman-Ellis will custom design it to your wants and needs. One option is to have "kiddie quarters" . With the dual lift option the entire front of the trailer has a second level. After backing out your toys. You can lower the front lift and a second bedroom complete with bathroom and bunks is available. This allows you to park your stacker next to your coach and let the kids or other guests have an additional bedroom for themselves.

All trailers can be equipped Generator, a/c.  They also can be plugged into your coaches buddy plug or to a campground power pole.

Stackers also allow you to take so much more with you..  Ever tried to find a 365 tire on the road for your fronts on the coach if you had a blow out? No worries keep a couple spares in the trailer. Need a full size tool box? No problem.  Want a mobile office , extra bedroom, or even a man cave. Use your stacker for more than just a car hauler.

In my opinion a Newman-Ellis Stacker offer so much more than just a clean car. It adds to the lifestyle.

Another thing. They are built in Miami Oklahoma. Smile

My 2 centsSmile

Marc Newman
I'm hooked. I've got a trailer, but this sounds like the trailer of all trailers. Do you have a You Tube channel, Video or pictures of these trailers in action?  It sounds like each is custom made. How many do you have on the road now ?

 My biggest problem is hooking up the trailer by myself. I always find myself in tight quarters.  Can your remote steer device be retrofitted to an existing trailer ?
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