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One advantage to Newells is that they are designed as a coach so you might find that it is easier to access those items that need servicing/replacing.
Good luck in your search.
Forest & Cindy Olivier
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We also looked carefully at Prevost H and Newell in your age range. Both seemed like good options.

Things I liked more about Prevost H:

1) Better basement.

2) Monocoque construction.

3) Superior/quieter generator implementation (enclosure).

Things I liked more about Newell:

1) Designed for "living first." This manifests in a lot of small ways, some that I could only sense but not even put my finger on consciously -- and probably still can't! But the space/volume is just better, and the standard cabin layout is more refined and with more usable storage.

Put another way: if I were doing long driving trips with lots of stops but for just a few weeks at a time, I think Prevost is the better fit. But I am planning to live in this thing full time, and the Newell feels more like a home.

2) Redundancy. I mean, they just pile it on everywhere, to where it still makes me laugh when I see another example of it. Okay, maybe some of it is unnecessary. But I still like the philosophy.

3) Service/company. The factory and service folks are amazing. The price is equally amazing, but the value is there. The 24/7 phone support is excellent, and I have tested it pretty extensively so far (unfortunately!). I like small companies with focus, especially when I get to be the customer.

4) Layout flexibility. For some reason, a typical Newell floorplan is easier to modify extensively, which is something we needed, since there are no coaches with one master bedroom, a single bunk sized for a child, and a enclosed "office." I'm sure there are Prevosts with floorplans conducive to similar changes, but it was really easy to see how to retrofit our requirements into a lot of Newells.

5) Price.

Good luck with your search!
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