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Dupree sewer hose connection leak.
I learn through vision often.  There are several ways to achieve the adapter result that works.  My solution was to use a Valtera male adapter that had threads for the spiral hose however the threads needed to be removed.  The minor diameter was the inside diameter of the Dupree.  I used a metal lathe however, a wood lathe would work with care and you can find people with these pieces of machinery to turn the part for you.  Mike @landyacht found a male adapter that required no further processing.  In both instances, the fitting was glued into the Dupree.
Gordon Jones
I had made an adapter by heating a short piece of sewer hose in boiling water so I could stretch it over the fitting. May still have it somewhere.
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Here is my solution to convert from Dupree to Valterra... I purchased a Valterra 5" clear bayonette adapter, and cut off the needed end. It was a perfect fit to slide over the Dupree end that usually has a hose clamped on. Now the RhinoExtreme hose kit just twists on right out of the box using the Valterra connectors.

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Thanks for all the info. I'll start gathering parts today.
This is a great website.
FYI, I originally tried the solid connection adaptor as Mike has shown. But the Dupree dump valve and connector on coach 540 is too close to the hole in the floor where the hose connects. As such, it simply doesn't fit with a Valterra hose connected, no matter how short you make the Valterra side. You should try a dry fit or just an eyeball of everything to make sure it will work. I ultimately had to go with the short section of sewer hose option.
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Just an update: I also found the rubber O-Rings at Grainger for about $25 for 10 - I'll get them tomorrow and let you know if they are the correct ones...
Hopefully they are the correct o-rings!
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Can you tell us if the grainier part worked?? Thanks!
Rick Edgell
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I am still using the o rings that started this thread with total success. I am on o ring #3 from the ten pack I bought in April of 2018.
Steve Bare
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I am on oring #1 after following rheavn's lead in May 2018.
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