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basement air
Supco Part # spp6 super boost relay and hard start capacitor is your friend. cheap available thru Amazon.This is for my dometics basement airs.
1995 # 390
Keith, do you have the part numbers on Amazon for the boost relays and start capacitors? i know there is a thread about that somewhere ...
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once I get the pulleys for the cab-air installed, I'll check the start cap. not sure what's going but it trips the breaker when it is set on high
Ron Gripon
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I am going to ask some specific question to help narrow down the culprit.

Trips on high indicates Compressor 2.

Does it trip immediately when going to high, or does it happen a minute or so after going to high?
Here is the reason for the question, if it trips immediately then the compressor is likely shorted to it’s case indicating burned out windings. It it trips after running for a minute or so, make sure that both the inside and outside fans are running. Either of the fans not running will result in high head pressure causing a trip in the thermals or the breaker.

If you watch the ammeters in the power panel, what do you see when the No. 2 compressors comes on?
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i believe the breaker trips as soon as I bring the high on line. by the time I get to the panel the breaker has tripped.

as of yesterday, neither compressor comes on. of course, hot air is being brought into the coach.

this morning I'm going to open the unit and look at the board then take some current measurements. both fans are running.

Just for info, it went from working great to tripping the breaker while we were getting a ruptured coolant hose replaces. no connection, just time line. this was on friday after leaving Bella Terra.
Ron Gripon
2003 coach 660-F150 
2005 Porsche Boxster
well, the condenser fan motor has burned windings. ordered a replacement from Grainger. Hope that Tuesday will be the final day of fixing. The board seems to be holding up very well.

Been delayed almost a week on our trip to California.

Hope o leave on the 29th and be there on th 31st. I just love my Newell.
Ron Gripon
2003 coach 660-F150 
2005 Porsche Boxster

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