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c-15 valve adjust
Is there a CAT dealer/service center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or Shreveport,LA. that will perform the valve lash adjustment on a motor home? Thank you.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242
Can someone who has had the C-15 valve adjustment completed, give us a range as to the costs to have this done including the repairs to the floor in the rear bath.

Thanks very much.
Bob and Pam Stump
2008 Newell P2000i-Coach # 1247
Port Orchard Washington
"The floor was a big pain in the derriere! It did not come up as it was supposed to for Newell did not install it the way they were supposed to. Long story short I had to have a completely new heated bathroom floor put in."

"The downside is my floor hatch took all day yesterday to get out at the factory. Turns out someone decided to screw down half of the panel in an area covered with tile. Looks like 4 or 5 tiles will need replacing. Ugh.. But thats not really surprising as many people have reported problems with the original install."

It is very disturbing to hear that the floor hatches are not opening without damaging the floors.  This should not be happening.  My floor hatch, tiled in a rear bath, came out & went back in without damage.  I would be discussing this issue with the highest people at Newell.  Servicing the engine is a necessary reality and a functioning hatch is absolutely required.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
I was at Newell this week for yearly service. I talked with Mike Ellis about the valve lash adjustment for the CAT engine and this was his recommendation. Make an appointment with Newell to come in at the beginning of a week to have the bathroom fulfloor opened. To do this process takes several hours. The next day take the coach to the CAT dealer in Joplin to have the maintenance performed. Return the next day to Newell to have the floor closed.  This will take several hours to perform. Mike mentioned that Newell recommends the service center in Joplin that NotSoTrue mentioned and that there is a center in Big Cabin that will perform this preventive maintenance on the CAT engine.
Hope this helpful.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242
I just had the valves done on my Detroit through the process above and used Big Cabin. I was p,eased with their work. Newell took the rear floor first thing in the morning, I dove to Big Cabin, they adjusted the valves, but I did not get back to Newell until 5pm, so it was the next morning before Newell could reinstall the rear floor.
Mike & Jeannie Ginn
2000 Newell #555
2013 Chevy Avalanche

It took Newell all day to remove the hatch and place a temporary plywood piece in the hole for transport.
It took Fabick Cat about two hours to do the actual adjustments and about an hour to flash the ECU (had some glitches). Opening and closing up the hole took about 1/2 hour on both sides of the job.

Just to note. The cost of the actual adjustment was $500 pus some additional parts cost.
I don't want to talk about the cost of the floor work. 

As a side note, if your engine is running great you might skip the ECU update. I spent all day yesterday in the Mountains in Northern AZ and now both the cruise control is funky (delays in bringing on power when starting a hill) and Jake functions are not acting right (low stage works fine, High stage will only come on for 2 seconds and shifts back to low). Ugh... 

Has anyone else had this problem after an update to the ECU?


2008 Newell #1223 4 slide, Cat C15 with ZF 12 spd, 2004 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Duramax 6.6İmage Toad for fishing. 
Thank you for the additional information. I will be making an appointment for the Fall to get this service performed.

Reese Cantrell
Newell Coach 1242
I can say for a fact that when/if we have to pull our bathroom hatch, we will have a retile/re-heat-mat install waiting for us. (I guess we could also maybe just patch the heat mat and have a cold square in the middle, but color me skeptical.)
2008 Newell #1234
Boulder, CO

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