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main Girard awning
The search is continuing. I've been in every cabinet, closet, storage place in this coach and still can't find the controller. Talked to 4 techs at Newell and still no luck. it has something to do with it being a mid entry on where they put the boxes. If nothing else, you folks with '03 mid entry should locate the box location and if, big IF, I ever find mine, i'll yell from the roof top.

thanks for all of your inputs.
Ron Gripon
2003 coach 660-F150 
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The box that adjusts the anemometer is the control box. That box will be behind your inside awning switch! The relay should also be behind the panel in your entryway.

Also the awning is ac have you checked your subpanel breakers by your inverter there is also 3 white reset buttons on the side of the inverter.
Roger1 coach#588 2001 triple slide 45.8 
I found the current limiter box in the highest point in the first cabinet. Again a call to both Newell and Girard; Girard said there would be another box with the remote control electronics but of course, neither Newell or Girard can provide location.

The breaker provides power to the microwave and the awnings.

Giving up and going to Newell sometime in October to find the missing box.

If I need it on a screaming hot day, the manual control, ME, can get to open and closed..
Ron Gripon
2003 coach 660-F150 
2005 Porsche Boxster

In my 2007 the Girard control boxes, I had four of them, were next to the Main Power Panel in the driver's side rear of the coach in the bathroom closet. Each box had adjustments for the wind sensor sensitivity. The boxes were about 5" x 5" x 2" and they were velcroed to the white carpeted wall beside the main power panel.

It is a crap shoot with Newell for each coach is custom.

Good luck,
Oscar & Janet Valent
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I went to the coach this afternoon just to check heaters
The main awning was OUT. I was there yesterday and everything 
Was ok
Has anyone had their awning go out all by its self???
Any idea as to the cause?
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Could you retract it?

My gearbox failed, which allows the awning to self deploy, however it will not retract because the gearbox slips.

If it would retract without any drama, then that is not likely your issue.
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