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Why no EGT gauge?

I think Newell takes the same approach as Rolls Royce in that effect...everything designed to be "seamless" with power rating as "more than adequate!" But for an older coach, even a 4 stroke, I think it's an excellent diagnostic tool. Especially if you do a lot of hill climbing.

Mark of SJC

Curious, were they a option? Our '87 has one - current it's inop.

marc & shari popejoy
western Oklahoma
1987 Newell #135

Newell has always tried to accommodate an owners special requests is possible but I am not aware of an EGT gauge being an officially listed option.

Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

Guess I need to fix it Smile


marc & shari popejoy
western Oklahoma
1987 Newell #135

that looks like someone has added it.


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My aircraft (Mooney M20J) had an EGT and it helped enormously in leaning the fuel-air mix. A friend has an EGT on his Prevost and he loves it while climbing up that long hill north of Charlotte NC in I-77. He owns a trucking company in Pennsylvania and would not be without. I will certainly have Newell add one when I buy a coach eventually.

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My '93 doesn't have one....I should put that on my list....I'm NEVER gonna get this thing done...Been working on interior and A/C's all summer.....

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The following link provides on reasons why one would want one, especially if you pull hard or drive a lot of mountainous byways.

What you could have ascertained from this is that it may tell you that your air-filter is dirty,maybe a blockage in the induction (birds nest , bee's nest, or that you need to downshift to increase cooling air through your air-charger (inter-cooler) ... You may note that diesel engines react different than gasoline engines ..say in an aircraft...

If everything is working perfect the DD will take care of you without one... but it is another way to monitor your engine..if it isn't

Most all trucks have them ..but they are working them a lot harder and shifting gears manually..


EGT was a factory option in 1983, I have it, I could look at the original invoice, I think it was about $107.
It is connected on the re power as well.
Definitely useful, the 8.3 will make some heat pulling up hills at ~1750 rpm.
Cools off 150+ degrees when it drops a gear.
I like to make sure it's down to 300 degrees or less when I shut it down as well.  It takes much longer than you would think after several hundred miles of driving.
With all the electronics on the new models I'm surprised it isn't monitored.


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