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Slide seal replacement
I have a 2015 (coach 1517) and everything is fine at this point.  When inspecting the slide seals, a couple of them are showing signs of wear.

What is the "normal" time that these need to be replaced, and what is the cost to have this service done

Ken & Karen
2015 Newell (Coach #1517)
Funny...this was just asked on the Facebook group!

To remove the Salon Driver slide is a major task; 10 hours, and that’s just to take the room at to access the seal.

Are you talking about the SEAL, or the SEAL WIPE? Obviously, the seal will be a lot more work.

One gent said he was quoted about $20k for all four slides. That sounds about right, considered the salon alone is around $2000 just to move out.
Steve & Janice Vance
2015 Newell #1524
Glendora, CA
I don't believe there is a normal. Everyone I know replaces them when they fail. My coach had the original slide seals when I purchased it in 2010. In 2021 the bedroom seal developed a leak--seal was 22 years old. Had it replaced at Newell. Just under $2000 for the seal & labor. Took about 4-5 hours.

The salon seal has not been replaced and is now 23 years old.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
I came to this thread because I am searching for information about seal replacement.
My coach 701 just got air suspension replaced at a truck repair shop, but it is still an air leak on the front-right slide (maybe rear-right? I forgot).
The tech in the shop says they don't work on slides or seal replacement. I wonder how difficult the job is, and whether possible to do oneself.
Joe @ Greenville TX 75402
2004 Newell Coach 701, 45-8, 4 Slides, Front Entry
Detroit Diesel 60 w/DDEC, Allison 6-Speed AT, ZF Suspension w/Steerable Tag, ZF Auto Traction Control
Not difficult for Valid slides , need over extenders i posted dimensions and picture on the site ,no cart required. I changed the driverside bedroom seal at a Guru rally with the help of Roger 1 and Keith Tomaso the hardest part was finding the screws to take the room apart
John Kosir
712 2004  45-8
Is there any difference between the early 2000's Valid slides and seals and the newer 2014's Valid slides and seals? I have the 2008 Valid Service Manual VSS90M-001-SM, is there a newer version available? Also where is the air line connection to the seal located and is it a normal quick connect fitting? I was told it may be on the top at the center of the seal. My driver side bedroom has a leak I need to trace which may be the line, connector or the seal.
2014 Newell Coach 1482

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