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Full Version: Original Back Up Camera on 84 is shot
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My camera is unusable. So suggestions for brand and wired or wireless and single or three image? I see a wired three image one from Voyager right now for $500. I would assume once the wires are into the coach it is straightforward to run them up front to the a new monitor.

The old camera is in a bubble type housing but it appears all of these new cameras come in a housing and just mount on the back and the. One on each side for the other two if it is a three way image. Backing up with mirrors and my kids trying to tell me direction and how far is making me nervous to say the least.
hi todd,

i have had really good luck dealing with tim at

in my 90 i put in an entirely new system from tim. the voyager monitor with split screen capable with 4 cameras. i installed color side cameras up front and a new color camera on the rear. it is really really nice. it is likely if you tell tim what camera is on the rear that he will have adapter cables to be able to use the existing cable that runs from front to rear. with the sony system that was on my 90 he had the right adapter cables so it was easy.

on my 02, my project for today is the take the clear plexiglass cover off of the rear camera to see how good the camera really is as mine is really washed out. if yours is like steve or clarkes, you dont have that.

i am not a fan of wireless cameras yet.

Hey Flick,
I found a system by Safety Vision on ebay at a good price. I have called the company a few times and they have been very cordial. Not a fan of wireless either...Other RF interferes with them. You dont want your camera fuzzin out while changing lanes.
Excellent suggestions guys thank you.
safetyvision has a "driver modification safety solution"

i have noticed that most of the airport shuttle and rental car buses have them installed. i asked a driver one time in sacramento about it. he said that it has a camera facing front and back and records how fast he drives, how hard he brakes, how fast he accelerates and if he stops for stoplights etc. if he misses on any of them he gets called into the office the next day.

i told darlene i am going to put one in her CRV. she wasnt as amused as i was about it...ha

My Monitor on the INTEC model 900/9200 is starting to fail. I am curious how this worked out for you Todd.
I talked with INTEC this morning and they may or may not have parts to repair but he cautioned me that he didn't feel it was worth repairing.
I took the case off the monitor and may have to get a quick look at the components.
This year the Newell is getting a bit pricey with repairs
Another place is
I bought a couple systems from them for my '93 and '98.
(12-09-2015, 06:21 AM)folivier Wrote: [ -> ]Another place is
I bought a couple systems from them for my '93 and '98.

do you remember the model you chose? Just saw that aluminum interferes with the wireless models.
I am replacing the old Intec with a Rear View Safety 770613N.  Got the old unit out finally and made a bezel to make up the hole in the dash.  Has anyone found a route from the rear camera to the dash.  Had to cut dash to get old unit out.  Really mounted nicely.


1988--Coach 174
Look at the ceiling where it joins the sidewalls. At least on the 1990+ models there are curved panels that can be removed where all your wiring is run. Or if you have valences over the windows you can lay the wire in there. These panels should also be accessible in the cabinets.
If you're replacing the camera also you can use the old cable to pull the new cable. Just take your time and use those access panels to help.
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