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Full Version: Original Back Up Camera on 84 is shot
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Thanks. I was considering splicing into the existing cable but the wires of the new cable are so slight that I was afraid the solder joints would not take the vibrations. I will do more exploring. Peter
I used the old cable and soldered the end connections since the wires are small. Problem solved.
I had valance lights front and back that were also channels for
Wires. I followed those. I could take panels off in the closets, kitchen cupboards and there they were So just take your time and you can run them without cutting anything. Just a bunch of unscrewing and once in a while developing a pull wire with a clothes hanger etc
I whimped out.  Soldered 18 gauge wires to the 5 pin at each end and tied into the original 15 conductor cable.  The new cable is shielded and the old is not.  Hope this is not an issue.  Plan to cut new camera into plexiglass to allow better image quality.  Will report results when completed.  Pete
If your new camera has the IR led lights for night viewing don't mount them behind plexiglass or it will just cause glare and make the monitor hard to see at night. On my '93 I removed the plexiglass. On my '98 I mounted the camera on the plexiglass. Or was it the other way around?
It was the other way around Smile
On my 93 I mounted the camera to the body within the recess then cut a hole in the plexiglass to allow the camera to protrude through. I then painted the plexiglass.
I replaced mine with a new one from RearViewSafety and ran the new cable.
As I recall, the cable left the camera & went to a box - then towards the front.

The cable went down the passenger side at the top of the wall then down beside the windshield.

I'm now considering getting a new system that can record 4 cameras. (I'm thinking the video will be handy if any of those knuckle heads ever hit me when they are cutting in front.)
I soldered 18 guage to the original cable ends which were too fragile to do in place. I plan to cut the plexiglass and let the camera protrude through enough to have a good image. Will report result.
I will put in a 4 channel recorder as well......driving has become the art to avoid idiots....
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