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Full Version: Original Back Up Camera on 84 is shot
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Thanks for the information. Probably sounds like getting a new system would be best. Not that expensive.
(05-29-2018, 08:49 PM)Flick Wrote: [ -> ]Must have been removed so you have a camera hooked to nothing. On mine it was an small tube monitor on the dash if I recall. Real old school.   I pulled everything out and started with a new system. The old back camera was huge in a big housing. I removed all of that and fabricated a way to hold the new tiny modern camera in that housing.  You can go wireless between the monitor and camera upfront on new ones but I went wired. You can follow wire chases on the side of the coaches from front to back so it just fishing the wires from one end to another.  Mine fed behind cupboards and light valances. If you get up there and look around you’ll eventually find a way to fish the wires where you need them.  

I’ve sold the coach a ew years ago to another owner on this site. Any of the classic guys have probably upgraded cameras as well so they could help you with your questions.

Invite Flick over to help. We bought his 84 coach and he did a wonderful job. He also is good with hardwood (bamboo ) floors. In classics ?
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