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Full Version: Original Back Up Camera on 84 is shot
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Changing Rear Cam on my 88

I purchased a set of Wire Fish Rods from Harbor Freight. ( I hope it's ok to use that name here)  They are a series of fiberglass rods that screw together.  I was able to run from the bedroom to the living room, Curb Side, through Bath and Kitchen by simply adding rods as it progressed.  A bit of wiggling is always helpful.  Now I am struggling to get the rather large connector down the windshield post and I will have it done.

I replaced the round glass camera port with an ABS piece and let the new camera penetrate so it looks good and has not impaired the infra-red feature.

The new monitor is smaller than the original, so I fabricated a bezel from ABS also.

Changing out the cb whilst I'm in there.  Pete
there are alot of wires in those bundles in the chases. you want to be careful enough that you dont damage any of the existing wires.

i did it section by section. i ran even hdmi cables.

Thanks Tom. I was pretty gentle. The worst is yet to come. I need to get the threaded connector down the windshield post and there is not much room in that upper corner. The thought of drilling is frightening. Going back for another go at it. pk
That post should have just a couple screws holding it in place. Look and if you can remove to run the wires.
yes, that sheet metal cover that has wallpaper on it is easy to remove.

Hi, I purchased a 1996 Newell Coach and trying to figure out the backup camera. In looking at the Newell Coach Specifications, it states it has rear view television monitor. It has a radio with a pop out screen, which has navigation map, satellite radio, etc. However, I cannot find the rear view television monitor. Is the review television monitor built into the radio? If not, where is it, maybe it was removed.
Must have been removed so you have a camera hooked to nothing. On mine it was an small tube monitor on the dash if I recall. Real old school. I pulled everything out and started with a new system. The old back camera was huge in a big housing. I removed all of that and fabricated a way to hold the new tiny modern camera in that housing. You can go wireless between the monitor and camera upfront on new ones but I went wired. You can follow wire chases on the side of the coaches from front to back so it just fishing the wires from one end to another. Mine fed behind cupboards and light valances. If you get up there and look around you’ll eventually find a way to fish the wires where you need them.

I’ve sold the coach a ew years ago to another owner on this site. Any of the classic guys have probably upgraded cameras as well so they could help you with your questions.
Hi Jerry, Welcome,
My 1993 Newell had a large tube type monitor just to the right of the driver. As you have probably observed no two Newells are the same but many times things of the same vintage are similar. The radio with pop out screen may occupy the spot where the original monitor resided. I would just put a new separate system in. One that will support at least two cameras: One for the rear and one aimed down the passenger side. There have been great advances in wireless technology but I chose a wired system because I was concerned about getting a good dependable signal when I needed it in traffic. I have never done business with this vendor but here is an example of what is available.
If your radio has the capability of adding a video source to it it may have the rear view camera hooked up to it. Most newer rear view cameras just provide a video source and need a monitor of some type to display it.
Check the radio manual or look for the source button.
Welcome Jerry,
My backup camera wasn't working when I bought my coach, I went with the $200 Costco option and I'm quite happy with it. Like @Flick, I was able to re-purpose the housing that the original camera was mounted in. Costco backup camera
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