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  #404 1996 For Sale
Posted by: Fulltiming - 06-02-2018, 01:20 AM - Forum: Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description) - Replies (1)

115,000 miles, no slides, rear raised roof, Series 60. Appears to have been changed to 2 roof airs.




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  Brake light switch
Posted by: Tf175 - 06-01-2018, 01:53 PM - Forum: Electrical - Replies (2)

Looking for brake light switch on 86 coach . I see the terminal for the hot side of switch (#3 yellow /blue wire ) but I need the switched side  for trailer brake controller .
Thanks,  Chris

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  Detroit S60 have PTO problems?
Posted by: Johnnyboy - 06-01-2018, 01:14 PM - Forum: Engine and Transmission Monitoring Systems - Replies (4)

Question for Newell owners. How does your PTO system work for your hydraulic system. Does your PTO run off the transmission or engine?  I know bluebird ran their system off the transmission and the majority were greased splines and not a wet system. They seem to have quite a few failures. Do any of you have the same system or have you had any problems. Seems like when bluebird had the Detroit S60 they went to this PTO system. I don’t know if Newell ever used this type of set up.

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  Brake buddy suggestions
Posted by: RegaNewell - 06-01-2018, 11:41 AM - Forum: Towing - Replies (9)

Looking for suggestions on what everyone is using and why you think it is the better one?  We need one to put in our 2012 Dodge truck that we tow with our RZR in the back of it.  All suggestions would be very helpful cause I just have no idea!


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  Scare tactic?
Posted by: BobALou - 05-31-2018, 05:01 PM - Forum: Electrical - Replies (8)

I was visiting an RV dealer, yesterday, and I mentioned that a used Newell or Prevost was on my radar. He said that I should be concerned about electrical issues as "those are so complex, they can be a nightmare." Having spent a fair amount of time on this forum, I would conclude that there are NOT pervasive electrical issue with Newells, but I figured that I'd float the question out there for input. I understand that any coach can have a problem, but I felt that such a blanket statement was more of a sales scare tactic to steer me towards his product.

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  Spare wire
Posted by: Tf175 - 05-31-2018, 02:03 PM - Forum: Electrical - Replies (4)

Installing trailer brake controller on our 86 , need to run brake power wire to the back . Thinking there may be an existing wire someplace that I can use in lieu of running a new wire . On the rear panel the # 3 terminal ( green wire with black tracer ) is listed as " spare " . 
Wondering if perhaps this wire goes forward ?
Thanks ,

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  Power Tech high water temp
Posted by: Nebster - 05-30-2018, 09:55 PM - Forum: Generators - Replies (7)

Hey all,

I have the PT 20kW genset sidemounted with the remote radiator.

Yesterday, after a 3-hour generator run, I came back to find it shut down with a "high water temp" error on the ECU.  Not knowing what to try first, I looked at the coolant overflow tank (white plastic thing sitting below the fill tank at the top of the engine) and saw it was basically on empty even after the engine had fully cooled.  I added coolant to the top, which proceeded to overflow the top radiator cap/tank.  Only by futzing around with the hosing and the connection to the white plastic tank would some finally go down through the little hose.

I ended up adding more fluid directly to the white tank per Newell's recommendation.

Next, I started up and noticed that my radiator blower fan motor was shutting down randomly.  I think it has simply gotten filled with too much dust, as it was pretty caked.  But that seemed definitely like the problem.

I went to Grainger and got a replacement motor.  Actually, I got two motors, because my PT genset had a 1/2hp motor, but Newell said I should get the 3/4hp and make it fit instead.  I was able to get the 3/4hp one installed without too much trouble, and it is blowing great.

Now, after 32 minutes of runtime, my generator shut down AGAIN with the same high water temp.  

So I guess I have another issue, but I'm not sure where to start.  Any ideas?



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  Kohler 12.5kw generator just stopped working
Posted by: Quirkrjiii - 05-30-2018, 06:41 PM - Forum: Generators - Replies (8)

After 15 years of flawless performance, our 12.5kw Kohler has just shut itself down for the first time. I'm certainly looking for suggestions.

     Travelling from D.C. to Elkhart, Indiana and 50 miles before arriving at our destination, our generator stopped running. Since that happened last Sunday, I have been reading the manual, troubleshooting the genny, talking to the great folks at Newell Coach, and calling Kohler dealers. Here's what I think I know at this point: When I push the switch to the start position, the generator turns over and fires up. That is: the engine is running. As soon as I release the switch, the engine dies. The fuel solenoid engages and remains engaged for as long as I hold the switch in the start position. If I physically hold the fuel control lever (attached to the fuel solenoid) in the engaged position and release the start switch, the engine continues to run. However, the generator does not produce electricity. At no time does the blower fan come on, nor do the AC appliances work.

     Other details: I have checked the 10 amp fuse on the controller, and it has continuity. I can't find the 8 amp fuse that the manual states is located in the "end bracket assembly". In fact, I don't know where that assembly is. The fact that the fuel solenoid disengages as soon as I release the starter switch could indicate that the engine shutdown mechanism is causing the problem. It seems that there are three components to the shutdown mechanism. They are: a low oil pressure switch, a high coolant temperature switch, and a switch that causes shutdown if the halon fire extinguisher is inoperative. I have detached the wires attached to the fire extinguisher and tied them together and that did not fix the problem. I have not yet tested the other two switches and am not sure how to test them. Finally, the oil pressure gauge on the dash has been a bit undependable right along; so I can't be sure it is giving good readings. It typically shows a pressure for a time, and then cuts out completely, going to zero. At the present, it is sitting at about 38 pounds even with the generator and the coach ignition off, and that reading doesn't change when I attempt to start the generator or turn the ignition on.

     Tomorrow morning, we are driving the coach to a Kohler service facility in Byron Michigan (Michigan Critical Power). they have graciously deferred their scheduled work to the afternoon in order to look at our generator; but they are not familiar with this old model, not confident that they can fix it, and don't have parts. Another facility in Chicago (Illini Power Systems) has suggested beginning by checking the starter solenoid. They state that I should check the three wires connected to it. One will be ground, one will be hot when I engage the start switch, and the third will go hot when I release the start switch but the engine is running. If it works in that way, then they suggest the problem is with the fuel solenoid itself, because it is receiving the necessary power to do its job. If those two hot wires do not act as described, then the engine shutdown system is killing the engine, and further investigation should focus there.

     I am looking for any recommendations on how to proceed: how to continue the troubleshooting to include how to check the low oil pressure and high coolant temp switches. No one has been able to advise on why the generator is not producing AC power.

     Any help would be appreciated.

Dick Quirk

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Question "Steerable tag 45' steers like non-steerable 42' " -- what is the number?
Posted by: dan1000 - 05-30-2018, 03:06 PM - Forum: Suspension/Tires/Wheels - Replies (7)

Can anyone put a number on the difference in turning radius that the steerable tag axle makes? Or, put another way, does a 45' steerable tag coach turn like a 42' non-steerable coach (or perhaps some number other than 42')? Or perhaps it doesn't work quite that way.

One thing I really liked about my 45' Mountain Aire was the 58 degree front wheel cut (I think it was 58 degrees - perhaps only 57). But it made the coach turn better than my previous 42' Mountain Aire, hence my question.

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  Almost new to Newell, 15 years in other brands
Posted by: dan1000 - 05-30-2018, 11:44 AM - Forum: Please introduce yourself - Replies (2)

Hi Newellgurus. I'm new to the forum, and looking for a (probably 2002 - 2006 based on my understanding of pricing) 4-slide Newell, with a preference for steerable tag axle, Murphy bed, and bunks. Wow - not fussy at all, am I Smile

I'm a mostly-retired software engineer from the 1980's and 90's, who became a venture capitalist in the 2000's. Have owned one Fleetwood Discovery, and two Newmar Mountain Aires, and greatly enjoyed both. Have also owned a Teton 5er, which I pulled with a Volvo 780 semi-truck (that was fun for a while!). Am also a pilot, currently flying a Cessna Skymaster. Tried my hands at boat ownership (, but ... in the end, not for me.

This web site is awesome. I've already learned a lot, and hope to contribute when able, too.

Why Newell? The quality, floorpans, tankage, quietness, ride quality, continuity of support from the factory.

Why never Newell before? All my coaches (except the Teton 5er) were bought new. Finally getting wise.


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