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  problems with pictures turning sideways
Posted by: encantotom - 01-02-2019, 08:41 AM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

hi all,

i need some help with information.  often, when gurus are posting a picture, it is fine on their device but is turned sideways on the forum.  from looking at the metadata for the pictures, i believe it is happening just on pictures taken on iphones.  but not sure.  

for any of you that have had that happen, can you tell me what type of picture taking camera you are using.  

also, it appears that it is a metadata issue and not something that can be fixed in the forum software we use.  as best i can tell, it has to do with how you hold your phone to take the picture.  all of this has to do with the viewer knowing if it is going to display in portrait or landscape.  no matter how you take the picture, on your device it will look right when you view it.  but on the forum it is dumber than your phone so i will rotate it to where it thinks it should be.  

when i go in and fix them for folks (i do it sometimes) i download your picture into a photo editor and (it displays correctly in the editor) and i rotate it and rotate it back and save it and then re upload it to gurus.  that tricks the forum software.  

just to remind everyone, this is a forum run on a shoestring budget with freeware and darlene and i footing all the support costs (i do not want any contributions nor will i accept any). we we do the best we can with minimal costs

happy new year


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  Love the bath & a half
Posted by: rheavn - 01-02-2019, 06:08 AM - Forum: Plumbing and fixtures - No Replies

Just prior to the holidays I flushed the rear toilet and there was a loud bang as it flushed.  The bottom part of the air/water sequence valve had broken for no clear reason.

I called Mullaney & Associates who provide parts for the Microphor toilets.  Found out they no longer make the black sequence valve like is in both my toilets.  Good news is they do make a grey & black redesigned sequence valve that takes the place of the old  black style.  Bad news was that they were out of stock and wouldn't have any for "a while".  He told me he might have enough parts to "make one" but wasn't sure.  Contacted them back after Christmas & they said they did have the parts and would ship it out.  Received it New Years eve.  Thank goodness for the 2nd toilet in the bath & a half floorplan!

The nice thing about the new sequence valve is the fitting holes are color coded to correspond with the air line colors.  Installed it & it works great.

I had always spoken with Sue when I called Mullaney & Associates before.  Parts are now being handled by AnnaMaria Rapsomananiskis and Steve Cackowski.  The new phone number is (856) 596-1299.  Their hours are 10am to 6pm EST.  Website is the same.

The part number for the air/water sequence valve is 39014.  Cost is $399.

In the photo you'll see two black parts below the main valve body.  Those two pieces used to be just one part.

Don't know why photos are posting sideways lately.

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  My dog ate my dash
Posted by: bikestuff - 01-01-2019, 08:14 PM - Forum: Interior Things - Replies (6)


A while ago, I left my dogs in the coach for a little too long without something for them to do.  The result is that my passenger armrest along with part of the dash got chewed on.   Since my dash was already looking a little worn, it was time to do something about that.  I decided to attempt DIY recovering of my dash.  There are a couple of "before pictures" along with some "after" pictures.

My first task was to recover the door trim to learn the technique and decide on the materials to use.      

The material is ultra leather and came from  I ordered several samples and chose the one that most closely matched my coach.  While I was on the website, I ordered some 1/4" scrim foam.  (The foam is glued to base structure and the "leather" is attached with staples).  The ultra leather turned out to be a fairly close match to the original leather.  

Recovering the door went well and I decided to go ahead and do the dash.  See pictures.

Generally .... here are the steps that I followed.

1)  Pull the J panel from the top of the dash.  (Attached with "Christmas Tree" pins).
2)  Pull the top of the passenger arm rest.  (Attached with "Christmas Tree" pins).
3)  Pull the main section of the dash. (Attached with 7/16 nuts....accessible from the top if your arms are long enough).
4)  Pull the drivers arm rest.  (Attached with 7/16 nuts from underside).
5)  Pull the steering column cover.
6.  Pull the window shade and then the leather pieces above the windshield.  (Drivers side was dry rotted from water damage).
7.  Pull the A-Pillar covers (Attached with screws)
8.  Pull the glove-box cover (Attached with "Christmas Tree" pins)

I used a staple remover tool (from to pull the staples that held the leather on to the plastic pieces.   For some pieces the existing scrim foam was in good shape.  For others the scrim foam was degraded.  Removing the scrim foam is tedious.  I found that Goo-gone was helpful in removing the adhesive.

I used spray adhesive to attach new scrim foam.  (trim to the edge).

For each piece, start in the middle and staple the material on both sides while stretching the material tight.  Work your way out from the middle stapling as you go.  (stretch the fabric gently).

Replace the pieces in the reverse order.

I was able to do the whole thing with scissors, staple puller tool, stapler and glue.  Total cost was around $500 plus labor.  (With tons of material left over)


1.  Observe how the old material was attached.  In the corners will be relief cuts.  Try to duplicate those.
2.  The material stretches more in one direction than the perpendicular direction.  Use this to your advantage.
3.  A really good pair of sheers makes neat cuts which makes everything look better.
4.  I used a 3/8" air upholstery stapler, but recommends a 1/2" stapler.  
5. has a bunch of videos which will teach the basics.
6.  Contact cement is great for attaching the material to the A-Pillar covers.


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  New Newell Owner :-)
Posted by: Latitude 28 - 12-31-2018, 06:46 PM - Forum: Please introduce yourself - Replies (4)

Hello All,
Well we have zeroed in on a Newell and purchased it this week.  It is a 99 model #525 bath and a half.  We had been searching for a BB or Prevost until somebody said take a look at the Newell. We had previewed an 92 BB 40' nice coach but not enough headroom. The Prevost XII in the late 90s range was pretty much the same situation.....the H3s have 79" or headroom as I am 6'6" I desire some bridge clearance.

We had looked a several Newells and found a 92 that needed a bunch of work and had a mid bath that was private from front to the master.  Not ideal, but an okay compromise given our requirements. 

We made contact with Richard & Ronda, as they are close by and was gracious enough to have us over.   We toured their coach and loved it.  A huge shout-out to Richard and Ronda!! Thank you both for steering us in the right direction.

The coach we bought was a result of Micheal pointing out, last week that it was a bath & half.  We had seen the pics over a month ago and missed the half bath detail. The bath in the back of the coach would not work at all for us so we blew it of and kept looking. 

Long story short flew to Tulsa last Thursday and with all the Guru's help we struck a deal by Friday.  The sales guy knew we are newbies buying our last coach first....he said, I quote, "you know somebody don't you?".  Thank you all for your time time in posting your experiences and hope to do the same as time goes buy.

Happy New Year
Steve & Doris Denton

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  what is this tool?
Posted by: encantotom - 12-31-2018, 01:35 PM - Forum: General - Replies (7)

this was in the 99 newell i just bought.  it looks kinda like the thing that steve has made to do the bay door struts, but it didnt really fit in there when i looked.  

looks professionally made

any idea what it is?


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  If you are considering new tires!
Posted by: HoosierDaddy - 12-31-2018, 01:33 PM - Forum: Suspension/Tires/Wheels - No Replies

I just learned that FMCA is partnering with Hankook Tires for their Tire Savings program. They are continuing the Michelin Advantage and Continental Choice Program as well. In most cases light truck and passenger tires can qualify for these programs. There are differences in the programs so one would need to get all the facts.

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  110v compressor
Posted by: NeBob - 12-30-2018, 04:47 PM - Forum: Air Operated Systems and Leaks - Replies (14)

I am having issues with our 110v GAST compressor. The compressor is fine but the motor will not always start. I suspicion a bad armature. I priced a new GAST at about $600. Just curious if there is a less expensive replacement on the market.

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  alcohol evaporator for air brake system
Posted by: jorma - 12-30-2018, 10:28 AM - Forum: Air Operated Systems and Leaks - Replies (2)

Does anybody know if Newell ever installed one of these in their coaches?  Apparently it slowly evaporates alcohol into the air brake system to keep moisture problems at a minimum.
Seems like a viable idea.
Mike M.

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  Need diagnostic ideas on interesting suspension issue
Posted by: Richard - 12-29-2018, 04:15 PM - Forum: Suspension/Tires/Wheels - Replies (9)

I am posting this for Mike Ginn. 

Today, he had a very bizzare occurence. He had to make a hard brake, then he noticed that the passenger side rear was rubbing on the fender skirt. He made it to the shoulder, examined the situation, and the coach remained on the tire with the engine running. 

He turned the engine off, and a few minutes later, restarted the engine. The coach returned to normal ride height. 

The coach has remained level for over a week so that sort of rules out a leaking air bag. 

The engine builds 120 psi and easily maintains it. 

Pictures of the ride height control valve don't show anything obvious. 

Replication of a hard stop in a parking lot, did not cause a second occurence. 

Mike is coming by tomorrow, and if you have any ideas about what to look at or any kind of diagnostic to run, then please speak up.

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  Rosen multimedia indash
Posted by: ags2622 - 12-28-2018, 12:45 PM - Forum: Electrical - Replies (2)

Rosen screen shows"screen memory low".  It will not show any screens now.   Had a power outage while away over Christmas.  How do you reset the Rosen system?  Can't find any information in manual or online?

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