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  '92 Newell in St. Louis
Posted by: bryguymi - Yesterday, 07:42 PM - Forum: Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description) - Replies (1)

They don't have many pics to show it off, but the few pics the do have make it look pretty nice.

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  2003 Newell 669 in Chattanooga
Posted by: Guy - Yesterday, 07:19 PM - Forum: Newell Sightings - Replies (2)

The owner of the beautiful 2003 coach came over to say hello today here in Chattanooga. We are slipping on our duties as Newell spotters. We have walked by the coach many times, admiring the paint  as well as the smooth way the slides were designed. We neglected to spot the understated Newell logo.  This coach, 669 was recently purchased by Doug and Melanie Meeker from Homer Alaska.  The Alaska plates say   "snobird". One of their previous coaches was a Bluebird.

When they are not enjoying their Newell, the Meekers keep it in an underground storage in Missouri. 

The Engine bay is beautiful, with lots of chrome bling on that Detroit Diesel. (Sorry about the rotation on the engine side bay picture. I was not able to rotate it.)   We ran out of daylight before we could take picture of the rear engine bay, but it was as clean as the day it left Miami.

The Meekers had not been  aware of the Gurus until today, but perhaps now they will join us.

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  tag axel bearings
Posted by: Rongripon - 11-18-2017, 09:30 AM - Forum: Other Stuff - Replies (2)

Have got to change the passenger tag bearings. had an inner oil seal replaced and during the process there was some contaminants left in the hub sump..also believe the bearing load was incorrectly set. The wheel and hub were getting really hot. The bearings are scored but don't see over heating...because it is apart for inspection i decided to change the bearings and races.. Sounds easy but locating the bearings was a task  Newell had one in stock to replace the large inner bearing and its race. The smaller outer bearing could not be purchased until we found it on Amazon...these are Timken bearings and in a couple of calls we were quoted a three - four month wait..little frustrating. my up coming visit to Newell this will be a point to discuss.

after four days we should be back on the road tomorrow, i hope. Huh

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  Bookmark feature?
Posted by: folivier - 11-18-2017, 06:01 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Another forum I frequent has a bookmark feature where you can mark a post you want to easily refer back to.  That makes them easy to find.
Is it possible to add that feature?

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  Check this out
Posted by: HoosierDaddy - 11-17-2017, 08:21 AM - Forum: General - Replies (6)

An all electric motor home seems doable....

How big of a generator would it take to enable a hybrid set up that would allow 400 miles per day and run the house systems?

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  Slide uneven
Posted by: pestes - 11-16-2017, 10:50 AM - Forum: Slides - Replies (2)

Brought coach up to travel height this morning and brought the slides in. The front slide floor is fairly high on the back end under the dinette. Never seen it come in like this. Tried putting it back out and back in, even moved the coach to flatter ground and did it again but no luck. Anyone seem this before? Something I should be worried about?

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  1974 Newell
Posted by: Gene - 11-15-2017, 02:38 PM - Forum: Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description) - Replies (3)

Spokane City Credit Union has a 1974 Newell Coach (VIN 3000RE101D6H) for sale.  It is a voluntary return (repo).  It is 34 feet long and 96 inches wide.  It has 3208 Cat Diesel Engine and a 6 speed Allison Transmission.  For its age it is in good shape.   I can say that new batteries and an alternator were put in this year.  It has been winterized.  I am told the front brakes need work and that the main cabin heater (under the counter) has been removed.  As this is a repo, I cannot tell you much more about the coach.  We are asking $9,500.00.  if you are interested in a classic this could be a fun project.  You can reach me by phone at (509) 325-7228.  We are open 9-5/M-F.  Gene

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  Washer-dryer combo
Posted by: Nebster - 11-15-2017, 11:26 AM - Forum: Parts Swap/Giveaway/Sell - No Replies

We're swapping in a different washer and dryer stack in our coach.  I have the original combo vented unit, the one that Newell still uses in the latest coaches, available in Miami for a few weeks if someone is interested in this set.

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  Checking tire pressures
Posted by: bikestuff - 11-15-2017, 09:24 AM - Forum: Suspension/Tires/Wheels - Replies (13)

So I got to thinking about tire pressures.....

What temperature do you check your tires at?
What temperature do you check your tires at?  I know the books all say to check your tires when they are cool.  But what exactly does that mean?  My cool (in central Alabama) maybe 70F while our friends in the ozarks may wake up to 5F and think what a nice day.  That range of temperatures surely has an affect on the tire pressures.

So I did a little research....

This chart came from Michelin and reflects the general belief that air pressure should be adjusted by 2% for each 10F change of temperature.  (Increase temperature for lower temperatures).  (I suspect that these pressures at the cold end are far in excess of what the rims can hold)

So to answer my own question, I think that the charts (see below) that relate pressure to load carrying capacity on tires assume 65F.  So, if you are close to 65F in the morning, go for it.  If the temps are much higher or lower, adjust accordingly.

How much Pressure?

Of course you have to know what your coach weighs to use this chart, but the point is that the tires are spec'd for a range of pressures.   This implies some sort of sweet spot.  Too much pressure and your ride is rough and its not good for the tires.  Too little and the ride is better but you risk a blowout.

I have decided on 115 lbs (front), 110lbs (drives) and 100lbs (tag).  

ps.  I used to run 85 lbs in tag (this was from the michelin chart, but I bumped it up to 100 and I think the coach rides smoother.  Your milage may vary.

How old is your air gauge?

I have three manual air gauges and a TPMS on my coach.  Would a reasonable person assume they all would match?  Well....THEY DONT.  All the manual gauges are good quality but with slightly different designs.  I tested all the tires with all four devices.  I found a maximum difference of 2lbs between the lowest and the highest.  I know 2lbs is not a lot but it could be just the difference between a low tire and a blowout.

Why is this important?  What if your gauge is reading much lower than reality.  How would we know?  I ended up with two manual gauges reading about the same and the other manual gauge and the TPMS reading about the same.  (Again they were all pretty close).

I read a recommendation that we use a new gauge to verify our old gauge....continue using the old gauge and only get the new gauge out to verify the old gauge.  (keeping the new gauge in a very protected and safe spot...Like not in your toolbox).  It would be fun at the next rally to test our tire gauges and see how much they vary.

Finally, I am going to print some cards that will allow me to keep track of the tire pressures over time.  I might put the temperature / pressure conversion chart on the back.  Let me know if you are interested and I will print some extras.


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  Dash temp control
Posted by: NeBob - 11-14-2017, 01:55 PM - Forum: Heating Systems - Replies (5)

On a recent trip we tried to use the dash heat and found that the sliding temperature control is stuck in the cold position. I can feel the cable attached to the control but have not located a mixing valve I assume it is attached to. 
My questions are, where is the valve and is it necessary to disassemble the dash to get to it. If so how is the padded portion of the dash removed.

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