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  Shoreline recp #1 breaker??
Posted by: AlanJohnson - 4 hours ago - Forum: Electrical - Replies (5)

This is the #1 breaker in my coach, and it also controls AC #1. It keeps tripping. What is "Shoreline Recp" (receptacle?)? Is it a plug somewhere? And where is it? 

While it could be my #1 AC unit having a problem, I'm attempting to be optimistic that there is another receptacle somewhere that is the problem.

Alan Johnson

1998 Newell

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  900 horsepower?
Posted by: Guy - 5 hours ago - Forum: General - Replies (6)

Saw this on a new Entegra today. Can it be? Must be a spoof.

Sorry for the sideways pic.

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Posted by: Keith Jordan - 6 hours ago - Forum: General - Replies (3)

I have a CAC out of #390.I changed it when I put the new radiator in.Still works.Does anyone want it before I sell it for scrap?

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  1994 Series 60 For Sale
Posted by: Fulltiming - Yesterday, 10:00 PM - Forum: Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description) - No Replies

Race coach, one of the few 1994 models with the Series 60. 475,000 miles. Rear lounge, 45',  $42,500.

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  A C power input
Posted by: Joe Galowitch - Yesterday, 07:54 PM - Forum: Technology In General - Replies (5)

Hello Guros Joe coach 469. I just got a new storage space it has 110 @ 15 amps. The outlets are GFI and when I plug in it trips. So I was told to remove the ground from my adapter and it should work. So I did and set the invertor to 15 amps and it works,I am showing 110 volts on both gauges and about 15 amp draw. The invertor shows Bulk charge so is this safe or will I burn something up? Second question which compressor keeps the bladder full? Thanks in advance Joe

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  Still learning
Posted by: Floridian - Yesterday, 05:47 PM - Forum: Interior Things - Replies (3)

I’ve had the coach for a year now and am still finding things that I didn’t knew they were there or how it worked. After like 7 months of owning the RV I realized the steering column (on my 88) has tilt and telescopic, I loved it. Yes I drove all the way from California to Florida , when I bough it, with the steering wheel pretty much in the upright position.

This next month we are redoing the upholstery on our seats and when I disassembled the driving chair I found a couple of things I didnt’ know what they were used for or didn’t even noticed during this past year.

Headrest with speakers:


Airbags on the lumbar position, they are inflated and you can control each section with three blue buttons on the side of the seat(when you press that button air gets released from each section)

On the previous pictures you can see the “hug” feature (again, remember that this was on an 1988!) also the little compressor and the electric motor to move the upper section of the chair back and forth.


This is the control on the side of the seat. The one on the back controls the little compressor and the three blue buttons are the ones to deflate each segment of the lumbar air bags.

I didn’t know about this features so in case you were wondering about it now you know. Hope it helps someone.

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  Front Bags Losing Pressure
Posted by: David and Teresa - 09-17-2018, 03:27 PM - Forum: Air Operated Systems and Leaks - Replies (5)

Well, another mystery (to me) with my air suspension. I just replaced the 110v air compressor which over heated due to running too long. I cranked the coach and filled the bags and checked around for air leaks. I found one on the passenger front air bag - a hole about the size if a pea. I ordered two bags from Newell and found a replacement air compressor. I had both front bags replaced and put the new compressor in. Checked everything and couldn't find air leaks anywhere. The pressure holds for about 5 hours before the compressor comes on which is way better than I remember.

So, with everything buttoned up, I cranked the coach, raised the coach to take out the jack stands, leveled off and shut down, expecting everything to be fixed. The next morning I come out and the front of the coach is on the ground. How can this be? The compressor is holding the pressure. The rear bags are holding, the front aren't?

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  Slide leaks, linear bearings, etc.
Posted by: Nebster - 09-16-2018, 12:34 PM - Forum: Slides - Replies (8)


We took a maintenance pit stop last week here in Charlotte to get a failed linear bearing on our #1 slide replaced.  While preparing for that work, Newell warned me that there might be a water leak that we should try to track down.

We looked for telltale signs of a leak when the bearing cover was removed and we were replacing the bearing.  There were some minor suggestions of something on some of the surrounding plywood, but really nothing stood out.  The bearing itself was all rusty.

As a precaution, the tech cleaned and applied sealant along the seams on the roof/top of our slide, both the long one that runs parallel to the coach as well as one or more lateral seams, one of which is in the center of the slide.

Today, while riding out this tropical storm here, I woke up to find water gently dripping in the center of my kitchen via the overhead cabinetry.  Feeling along the top of these cabinets, I find that about two cabinets worth of carpeted ceiling there is somewhat damp.  Clearly, the slide roof is now leaking.

I unleveled the coach to dump excess water off the slide,  but since it is pouring down rain right now, that only did so much.  When I brought the slide in (to stop the leaking for the duration of this hurricane), a bunch of the water on the top sluiced off and into the various trim pieces and also off the aft of the slide and into the area where the Silverleaf is.  

Now that the slide is in, I can see the very end of the bearing rail and inside two Valid bearings using my endoscope through a crack behind the aft slide trim.  Those rails are covered with water, presumably from the sluicing off rather than from the slow leak in the center of the slide, although I can't be sure.

I also discovered a slow leak somewhere in my #3 slide as well, earlier this weekend, so I brought that one in to stop the madness also.

My questions are three:

1)  Does it seem strange that the design of these slides/coach is such that in wet conditions there appears to be no way to bring in the slide without putting the slide bearings at risk?  It was over $2k to disassemble and replace the damaged bearings last week, not to mention the two weeks beforehand when we couldn't use the slide (stuck in) or the hotel and other costs while we were displaced from living in the coach.  My guess is I'm going to get to do that again, given the water I see that has made it in there.  There doesn't really appear to be anything designed to redirect the water away from that sensitive area that I can see.  There is no way for me to get in there easily and dry it out, either.  On this particular slide a large portion of the trim and sidewall has to be disassembled to get access.  

2)  Does anyone have tips for sealing the seams atop Valid slides?  (Or HWH ones, I guess?)  The tech used Proflex RV to seal after what he said was a light cleaning with SD20.  He said to use a very small amount so that there is no bump or protrusion that could hang up or get gooped onto the slide seal later.

3)  Is there something else I should consider doing?



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  Dishwasher Replacement
Posted by: cknuth - 09-15-2018, 06:53 PM - Forum: Appliances - Replies (3)

Like many others, apparently, my Fisher & Paykel drawer washer in #579 is inop.    And reportedly unrepairable.    I'd really like a working dishwasher, and F&P still makes one this size - a little pricey.    Has anyone tried the Vesta dishwasher?    It appears to be very close to the same size and about half the cost.


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  2005 Triple slide mid-entry #744 for sale at Newell
Posted by: BobALou - 09-15-2018, 05:56 PM - Forum: Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description) - No Replies

#744 for sale at Newell $349,000
2005 mid-entry, 45 foot, 3 slides, rear bath, C-13 engine w/ 525hp

Only one picture at the moment...

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